simpleshow has a brand-new website! Here is why

Written by Tim Moss | 5 min read | November 10 2022
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If you’re reading this blog, you’re already on our new website – welcome! The new simpleshow site not only has a new, fresh, and more modern look but also a completely revised, user-friendly structure that makes it easy to navigate. But wait – before you start exploring, discover why we implemented this redesign (yes, it was a long process …) in the first place.

Your needs are changing

The short version: with our new website, we are responding to the many changes in the business world. Let’s look back to 2008 when we founded simpleshow. We started as a small agency, serving only a handful of clients. In the last several years we’ve grown into the global market leader for explainer videos. As a SaaS company, we now offer leading companies all over the world THE platform for simple explanations. In the beginning, we still moved illustrations by hand on a white table and filmed them; today, users can create their own animated videos with just a few clicks using the Explainer Engine (that’s what we call our artificial intelligence technology in simpleshow video maker). And soon, the Explainer Engine will help you create videos even better. But more about that in another post.

Because our customers’ needs have evolved over the years, simpleshow has evolved too – and our new website strongly reflects that. We know you have individual communication needs, and we know you don’t have a lot of time to spend researching solutions. That’s why our new website makes it much easier and faster for you to find the answer to your question: “How do I communicate my topic so that my target group understands it immediately?” (Little spoiler: with explainer videos!).

Learn how simpleshow can improve your communication

We want to make creating videos as easy as possible for you. The new website offers specific solutions for your business needs:

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These solutions allow you to easily discover specific ways you can improve your communication, no matter your role. With sample videos and various use cases on each page, you’ll find that the options to use video are endless. Start by exploring how other companies like yours use video to communicate complex topics and get inspired!And if you really want to get into the world of simple explanations, we recommend checking out our new resource page. There you’ll find informative blog articles and high-quality content created by real explanation experts to help you make your communication easier and more efficient.

A new look and a better user experience

Visual storytelling is part of our DNA, which is why the simpleshow brand also tells our story. We combine years of experience as explanation experts with smart technology. In other words, simpleshow not only offers you an intelligent tool for creating explainer videos but also provides numerous services to meet your individual requirements.

At simpleshow, we stand for the boldness to break new ground, simplicity, and straightforward communication. All of this is reflected in our new colors and modern look. But these values are not limited to appearance. When we created our new website, we made sure our message was clear, finding solutions was simple, and navigating was easy and intutive. Whether you’re exploring on a computer or a mobile device, our new site is designed for the optimal user experience.
Our new website was created to help YOU easily find solutions to simplify your business communication. Get started now and discover how your company can benefit from simpleshow!

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