How you and your team can communicate more effectively using Microsoft Teams and simpleshow video maker

How you and your team can communicate more effectively with Microsoft Teams and simpleshow video maker

Digitalisation has long affected the explainer video market. DIY solutions for independent creation of short and easy-to-understand videos are becoming increasingly popular. With the integration of simpleshow video maker into the Microsoft Teams environment, simpleshow satisfies the needs of many users and takes the next logical step towards the New Work models.

Not that long ago, a friend of mine who also happens to be a sales manager at a large German car manufacturing company complained: “Long text segments, bullet points, and a picture or an infographic here and there – is there anything more boring than a PowerPoint presentation?” Sadly, that is the truth: Many companies still choose dry screen presentations when trying to convey complex information. 

Presenting shouldn’t be boring!

The persuasive power of storytelling is already well known to a large part of the population. In the USA, there’s practically no way of getting around it when talking about business communication. And since entrepreneurial giant Jeff Bezos replaced all slide presentations with narrative memos, US companies have become aware of the potential of stories in a business context. 

Anyone can learn storytelling – we promise! 

Unfortunately, not all skilled team leaders, project managers, or marketing experts also happen to be good storytellers. But there is a great solution to this problem that’s already improving communication in numerous companies:

mysimpleshow video maker supports its users by providing them with predefined story templates so that they can simply develop stories on their own. These serve as the basis for short, animated videos. But it gets even better!

Animation, illustration, and video editing are not within the realm of your expertise? That’s not a reason to panic! Because the video maker takes over these tasks for you. A sophisticated AI automatically recognizes the relevant keywords of your story, finds the appropriate visualisation – including a meaningful arrangement of the illustrations – and animates them. 

Subsequently, the tool also suggests appropriate background music and narrates the text of your story. Easy, right? All of this can happen only in a matter of a few minutes and at the push of a button. The only question left – how do you get there?  

Here is how you can get access to simpleshow video maker in Microsoft Teams. 

The access to more efficient communication may be already in your possession! 

As part of the Office365 package, the collaboration software “Microsoft Teams” is essential to the communication processes within many companies. Large corporations especially value the smooth collaboration enabled by the platform. Our experience with this target group confirms this trend: today 90% of our digital customer meetings take place in Microsoft Teams. So our next step became clear:

Our developers knuckled down and made the integration of mysimpleshow video maker into the environment of Microsoft Teams possible. Karsten Böhrs, CEO at simpleshow, comments: “Many of our customers, especially in the major corporate segment, work with the platform provided by Microsoft. We have accelerated the integration of our SaaS solution into Microsoft Teams to make it even easier to create and use great videos without having to leave this environment”.

Fast, transparent, and above all: simple! 

Now you and your colleagues can easily create, comment, and edit explainer videos together within the familiar Microsoft Team interface. Whether using the web environment of Teams or the desktop app, mysimpleshow video maker functions are only a click away.

Instead of engaging an entire production team of copywriters, illustrators, motion designers, narrators, and sound designers, you can easily create great videos yourself. You will experience it yourself: explainer videos are not only fun to watch! The video maker makes it easy for you to be proud of your results. You would like to show the video you created to your team? The video maker app also allows you to upload and share your videos easily – all of these features are integrated into the Microsoft Teams interface. 

All you have to do is add the mysimpleshow video maker app to Microsoft Teams and register for free (if you haven’t already done so). License owners can also benefit from other useful features. For example, the possibility of collaboration, support, and style adaption to their own corporate design. 

As always, the English and German versions of the video maker are available in Microsoft Teams. All users can also benefit from a special treat that makes working with simpleshow video maker even easier:

One log-in for all

What’s already available for Facebook and Google is now also possible for Microsoft Teams. If you already have an account there, you can easily log into mysimpleshow video maker – the single sign-on makes it possible! This way we stay true to our goal of maximum simplification – so that you can create simpleshow videos even faster.

Brief summary: 

The simpleshow video maker app is now available in Microsoft Teams. It allows its users to create, edit, upload, and share explainer videos – directly using the Microsoft Teams interface. This makes collaboration easier than ever! Do you have any questions? Check out our User Guide for the app.

Communicate more efficiently with Microsoft Teams and mysimpleshow video maker