Transform your PowerPoint presentation
into an explainer video in no time

We at simpleshow are experts when it comes to telling stories in video form and making complex interrelationships accessible in an entertaining way. We’ve created simpleshow video maker to help you become experts in the field of explainer videos too. Thanks to the feedback from our simpleshow video maker community, we’ve succeeded in taking another step to improve the quality of our service—and, with it, your explainer video!

Now it’s even easier to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a simpleshow video maker video. Simply upload the complete PowerPoint file using the required extension, without having to write a new script. And simpleshow video maker does the rest!

Import PowerPoint

As soon as the PowerPoint file has been imported, our tool extracts the text relevant for you. So you’re not required to select a storyline structure and write a new script, as would otherwise be the case. This makes the process easier and faster than ever. Of course, you can still polish your imported text and make subsequent changes.


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