8 creative ways to visualize ideas with explainer videos

Written by Elisa Abbott | 29th July 2019
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Visualization is essential in today’s business because it helps entrepreneurs concentrate on areas for improvement and generate more revenue. Before falling in love with your great idea, you have to see that image. Transforming high volumes of data into meaningful insights is challenging, but there’s nothing you can’t do. Use visualization to achieve your goals. Filter the information into snapshots which are usually more easily digestible. Explainer videos are an example of visualization. By effectively exploiting the power of visual and audio, you can better visualize your ideas and even fill content gaps.

How can explainer videos transmit complex, intangible concepts? Well, ideas are conveyed through imagery rather than words. Since the human brain focuses on the visual world, delivering ideas in a film makes perfect sense. Explainer videos represent a beloved format for learning new things. As far as visualizing ideas is concerned, there’s no better medium than video. That’s pretty much what you need to know. Take a close look at these original ways to visualize ideas with explainer videos. Practice expressing yourself visually. The results will surprise you.

1. Have an effective brainstorming session

The purpose of brainstorming is to come up with a solution to a problem. The process involves generating new ideas through intensive group discussions. It can help you get past your creative block and generate ideas you might not have considered. Hosting a brainstorming session with the members of your team can prove to be a waste of time, if not done properly, of course. Make sure to use visual aids. They can stimulate thoughts and ideas, which is great considering that the draft isn’t ready and you don’t know what to do with it. An explainer video will be more inspiring for your team than a PowerPoint presentation.
A tornado with brains and arrows pointing at a lightbulb and a questionsign. The brainstorm is supported by ChatGPT

2. Train remote employees

Nowadays, employees carry out their duties away from the office. This is possible thanks to advances in technology and flexible working conditions. If you have a remote team, you no doubt have a hard time creating a more knowledgeable workforce. The distance doesn’t allow you to be very efficient. May not, but it challenges you to exercise your creativity. You can develop your virtual team using training-directed videos. Trainers don’t have to travel to various locations and employees can focus on their work. The explainer videos are available anytime and anywhere. The visual multimedia encodes experiences in the person’s long-term memory, so the information will be stored indefinitely.

3. Creatively explain statistics

Why do people find statistics so difficult? This probably has something to do with the fact that learning about numbers is difficult. Individuals have a hard time understanding simple, more intuitive solutions. Needless to say, it’s impossible for them to remember all those numbers. So, how do you go about explaining statistics? An explainer video can help transmit hard facts and information. Create visual statistics and don’t bore the audience. Forget about tables, charts, and visuals made in PowerPoint. They’re utterly boring. You’re better off using explainer videos, which provide the necessary space for combining data and the narrative structure. Tell a compelling story. If you don’t do that, you won’t spark curiosity or determine people to do further investigation.

4. Give the customer a snapshot of your solution

When it comes down to sales and marketing, it’s no longer about features and benefits. Customers couldn’t care less about that. They want products and services that can solve their common problems. People want to know that they matter to your business and need a guarantee that you can help them get past difficult challenges. The best way to describe a product or service is to explain how it’s a problem solver. What you have to do is show, not tell. Use an explainer video to clearly illustrate the problem and solution. Experts at HubSpot say that video is the most beloved form of content and there’s nothing people love more than watching entertaining videos. Now, you know what to do.

5. Create an authentic brand story

You’ve put in a great deal of work. To increase your impact, you’ve made your brand omnipresent. You’ve creates logos, graphic looks, icons, and so on. Let’s not even talk about the other pieces of marketing collateral. What now? Write a persuasive brand story and present it to the world. An explainer video can bring your brand’s story to life. Relying solely on words isn’t a good idea because people might not get the point. It’s important to visualize the essence. Express yourself creatively and understand there’s no limit. Unless you capture thoughts right away, make sure to record them. Record your voice and think about including it in your project. This will make it more human.

6. Help website visitors visualize the sheer volume of content

If you want to increase traffic to your website, create easily digestible content that allows visitors to glare and skim. Head of Brand Marketing at Studicus, John Cruz, states that “websites are part of your culture. However, the Internet is full of them. Make your content easy to grab and you’ll get lots of visitors. Visualization brings companies and clients together. So, use visuals to show off your ideas.” Well, we couldn’t have said it better. Include explainer videos on your homepage, landing pages, and blog section. People are more likely to spend time on your site if there is video. They don’t scroll down, meaning that if you want to get visitors’ attention, there’s no other solution.

7. Incorporate explainer videos into PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations may be dull, but sometimes they’re necessary. They’re widely used everywhere in the world and become productive the moment you can provide the right material for the message. All you need to do to make a PPT presentation awesome is include an explainer video. The audience will recognize the clip, relate to it, and turn their attention back to you. This may not seem much, yet when all eyes are on you, having an entertaining video does come in handy. Not only can you say more with less, but also you can create the right mood. In case you didn’t know, you can create fantastic explainer videos with PowerPoint alone. Prepare your templates, build the scenes, and export quality videos.
a powerpoint included in an explainer video

8. Translate your core business values when making new hires

Are you still struggling to find the best candidate for the job? When hiring new employees, make sure they’re a good fit for the company culture. Great companies take the time to understand what makes up the company culture and why are employees engaged. What is more, these organizations make sure the new members of the team understand and embrace the company culture. Have you thought about using an explainer video when making new hires? A promotional film will translate the meaning of your desires. And it will save you precious time and money.

To conclude, explainer videos are neat tools that can be deployed by virtually anyone. When you need to convey an idea, concept, or story, resort to video. Success will be yours. As far as explainer videos are concerned, there are endless opportunities. Basically, your imagination is the limit.

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