A laptop with a graduation hat displays a video player pointed to by a mouse cursor.

3 Steps To Successful Video Training

One common mistake that companies have is the lack of videos in their training. Gone are the days of long work training that are draining your employees. To thrive in today’s marketplace, you must change to keep up with the shifting technology. Video training is proven to increase engagement and retention in everyday business. Consider using videos in your training in order to maximize your training efforts and have a successful team training. Here are some ways to make your video training more successful for your team.


Pick a storyboard and a script

When creating successfull video trainings, consider your script carefully

As you begin to highlight what information you need in your training, you will need a script to put your training video ideas from mind to paper. A storyboard is the process of visually putting your ideas together. When you start to put together the visual of your video training, you can go frame by frame and decide what visuals are best for your training video. 

Tip: If you’re lacking in artistic ability or not sure what kind of storyline to use, take advantage of our library storylines to help you visualize how your video will look.  


Simplify your training video

Now that you have a storyboard and a script, it’s time to simplify it. Long training hurts your learners’ memory retention and can distract your learners from the important material. In order to be successful in your video training, simplify your videos into a few minutes to highlight the most important information. Even long videos can hurt engagement, so including shorter, more direct training videos will help get your point across and help your audience remember it. 


Tell a story

It is always a good idea to build your video training around a story

For a good training video, it is always a good idea to build your training around a story. This is a great way to engage your audience and connect them to your training. Storytelling can increase employee engagement by having higher participation, a well-informed staff, and a more productive workforce. A study by Stanford University found that the brain recalls stories 22 times better than simple facts. Combining storytelling with video training is an effective way to share your ideas in an easy-to-follow format. 

Use these video training techniques to increase your employee engagement and productivity in your team.