Employees 4.0

How to increase interest, efficiency and motivation of staff through involvement and flexibility

Our modern business language wouldn’t be complete without terms such as ‘Industry 4.0and ‘Employment 4.0’.Networking and digitalisation are making changes to traditional work types and the corporate environment. These changes ultimately entail consequences for staff. Hence, the transition to industry 4.0 is highly relevant for employees. 

Alongside technical advances, transitioning to industry 4.0 also involves new work structures and a corporate culture 4.0. This strengthens employees interest through transparent corporate culture. 

What changes do employees have to expect of industry 4.0 and how do they best prepare for such changes? What role do companies play to facilitate the transition towards employee 4.0? You are about to find out:


1. Nurture handling industry 4.0

Tailored support is essential to achieve the ideal transition of employees to an industry 4.0. You can offer training and professional development as part of corporate learning to prepare employees 4.0. This training doesn’t only entail the technical know how. Indeed those trainings aim to eliminate the fear of change through education. This prevents excessive demands and motivates employees 4.0 to benefit from the potential of industry 4.0.


2. Encourage new work arrangements

The popularity of work models like home office, flexible working hours or autonomous work teams are rapidly growing with a tendency to further increase. Giving employees th choice between the working arrangements shows respect and increases satisfaction. This ensures motivation and loyalty towards your company.


3. Create flexible access to knowledge and information

In order to optimise labour, employees 4.0 must have mobile access to all essential information. The working environment of industry 4.0 allows employees to work location independently and team collaboration is not necessarily tied to the headquarter but may collaborate from all across the world. Hence, flexible access to knowledge and information is essential.



4. Ensure corporate transparency

A high internal corporate transparency builds employees’ trust which is essential to work responsibly and independently. By taking stuff seriously, you create a sense of belonging which increases engagement and motivation. Transparency further eliminates miscommunication and unfounded or excessive fear and in contrast improves the working atmosphere – and thereby the productivity!


5. Enable participation

Loyalty and identification with the company is not created solely through transparency. To reach employees’ full potential, your focus should be on their needs. A basic human need is to create the environment (in the broadest sense). Allow them to participate and engage and realise improvements within the company. This increases quality of work and improves the work environment for everyone involved. A top business is hence characterised by a strong and frequent exchange with its employees – on eye level.


6. Work-Life-Balance

As the transition to industry 4.0 indicates a stronger emphasis on the interaction with employees and their needs, work life balance increasingly gains attention. The desire for work sovereignty increases. To reconcile work and family life, employees 4.0 request more flexibility in terms of work schedules. Likewise, internal corporate offers for childcare, corporate sport activities and corporate health management are possibilities to meet employees 4.0’s desire for a work-life balance. Additionally this counteracts employees’ burn outs and other stress disorders at an early stage.


What potentials can I expect?

A corporate relationship with employees that is tailored towards industry 4.0 encompasses promising effects. Studies reveal that new work models such as autonomous teams and home office schedules promote employees 4.0’s efficiency.  Integrating their interests increases corporate identification. Their motivation towards work and personal investment increases.

An increased engagement to participate within the business likewise empowers loyalty for of staff. Loyalty and motivation share a close link and are boosted when employees and their needs are prioritised. The working atmosphere is a not to be underestimated side effect – the basis any creative and success promising, collaborative work. Employees 4.0 achieve better results and the process efficiency within the company increases.


Communicating transitions successfully

Suitable tools are required to upgrade business to the standards of industry 4.0 and are linked with the increased communication applications. the importance of addressing employees and meeting the correct emotional tool is a challenge that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Explainer videos are predestined for those applications thanks to their appealing format and flexible usability. Explainer videos used in professional development have the potential to explain technological advances and new work structures, they can serve as mobile knowledge enhancer or provide a corporate overview and its interaction and work ways. Allow us to help you communicate upcoming transitions in your business and accompany your employees on their way towards employee 4.0.