Corporate Culture 4.0

How to promote efficiency and productivity through Corporate Culture 4.0

Whether a small or large business, the current buzzword ‘Industry 4.0’ is widely talked about. And there is a reason for it! All businesses are involved in the digital transformation: a process that requires further development through increased networking and a higher level of digitalisation. However, such complex development requires a solid foundation which is likely to be forgotten in the midst of the enthusiasm for technological advances.  

One of the essential cornerstones is cultural transition towards a corporate culture that meets the demands of Industry 4.0 – a Corporate Culture 4.0. Managers are required to question hierarchical structures and the siege mentality, show open-mindedness towards new ideas and the creation of renewed working models, and to enable and support interdisciplinary working. 

Stick with us to find out how you can make this happen:


1. Question hierarchical work structures

By linking the workforce with machines, other companies, customers and clients, and intermediate businesses – greater optimization in the entire production cycle is enabled. Minimizing interface is an example of how to make ideal use of the optimisation. Promote interdisciplinary work and create autonomous teams to increase productivity and creativity. 

Question the transparency of existing work structures and hierarchical leadership structures

Do title and status appear as roadblocks to trying out new ways of working? While hierarchies facilitate decision making, they may limit creative input and free discussion flow. 

This does not imply the replacement of all structures with more transparent methods. Instead you should be asking: How do employees and leaders perceive the situation? Does a hierarchical structure create a dead end or is it beneficial in certain cases? Questioning and breaking down of established structures is essential to develop a Corporate Culture 4.0.


2. Promote the sense of security

Openness towards new work structures, advanced systems and change is not self-evident. Emphasize the job security towards your staff and show appreciation for the work they do for you. This ultimately supports your staff to take on new challenges with an intensified experiential and explorative mentality and increased motivation. 

Creativity is at its peak when the anxiety filter is kept low in the working environment. Creative procedures and improved results are promoted when

  • Corporate culture pressure is eliminated
  • existing hierarchies are less noticeable for employees
  • The attitude of both the leadership team and employees project security


The result: Corporate Culture 4.0 flourishes.


3. Establish transparency

Transparency is an additional attribute that promotes the sense of security, loyalty and corporate identification. Especially in times of change via a complex procedure – for example corporate digitalisation – it is vital to strengthen employees trust through transparency.

Trustworthiness and loyalty are not simply demandable. Employees expect concession from the corporate side before showing loyalty and trust. In most cases transparency establishes such results. A little side note: Explainer videos are a charming way to explain complex topics or changes in an appealing manner.


4. Recognize new needs

Recognizing employees’ needs early on, is advisable when working towards the aim of your new corporate culture. Involve your staff and their ideas in the process and inquire. Additionally this allows for preliminary assessments via current trends. For instance this reveals new status symbols for employees 4.0.  While luxury corporate cars are moving to the background, usage of modern communication technologies makes its way to the top. 

Work-life balance is another aspect that is gaining more importance in the living design of Employees 4.0 and should hence be acknowledged in your new corporate culture. 

To ensure the recognition of such needs, corporate culture must view those openly and should withdraw from old designs.


5. Enable active participation

‘A good corporate culture is characterized by key principles of allowing everyone to contribute by shaping, participating and having a say- the essentials for creativity, openness and engagement’

Allow your staff to contribute in change-making within your business. In addition to enhanced productivity, a positive working climate is created as employees’ loyalty and motivation increase. Better than any study evaluation, your employees are the essential source to inform you about their needs. Hence it is beneficial to include them in personal questions and internal business development.


6. Promote diversity

A direct result of facilitating corporate diversity is a more open-minded corporate culture. A diverse workforce with diverse backgrounds, needs and ideas enriches the business and is favorable for Corporate Culture 4.0.

‘Reality is changed by new technologies as well as changed social aspirations and values. Ways of life have become increasingly more individual and diverse. Conventional stereotypes and attitudes have faded.’

May we support your journey towards communicating new structures and complex topics? Do you want to incorporate explainer videos to give your employees a greater understanding of Corporate Culture 4.0?

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