How to find the perfect visuals?

Our explainer engine analyzes your script and finds keywords. Matching your keywords, we recommend suitable illustrations.

You can edit our illustrations, upload your own pictures or use text on the canvas.


Illustration choice

Click on an illustration and the gallery on the right-hand side shows other suitable illustrations.


Illustration search

If you’re looking for a completely different scribble, you can search for it manually in our scribble database. In order to find a different matching scribble, we recommend searching for synonyms.


Character choice

We offer you a vast selection of characters. You have the choice between female and male characters of all age groups.


Upload your own image

simpleshow video maker allows you to upload your own images. Please respect copyright law and only use images you own yourself or that are licensed for third-party use.


Text on canvas

Instead of pictures, you can also use our text feature to visualize text on the screen, for example to show the title of your explainer video. For this, you can choose between various fonts or upload your own.


Used illustrations

If you want to find an illustration you used before, this section helps you to find them easily.



There are different frames for illustrations and text. Using a polaroid frame on one of your illustrations, for example, gives it a photo-like feel.



Put emphasis on your message by giving your illustrations effects. You can choose between negating them with an X, highlighting them with a check mark or by adding three little stars.


Remove illustrations

By clicking on the minus symbol above an active keyword, you can deactivate it. This also removes the corresponding illustration from the canvas.