What is a keyword?

Our Explainer Engine analyzes your script for semantically important words – so-called keywords. Active ones are visualized on the canvas. For example, the word “idea” is visualized as a bulb. Every illustration is connected to a keyword.

Keyword screenshot.

Selected and activated keywords are written in turqoise letters and have a turqoise frame. Every activated keyword is connected to an illustration on the canvas.


How can I select keywords?

Every single word of your script can be made into an active keyword by a simple click. Select a keyword, choose one of our suggested illustrations or use text on the canvas.

You can select up to 7 keywords per scene. The amount of keywords you select can help you with improving the timing of your video.





How can I deselect keywords?

You can deselect keywords by clicking the X-sign above it. If you deselect a keyword, the corresponding scribble will be deleted from the canvas. To create a good rhythm, try finding a balance between how much text is heard and how many actions are seen on the canvas.