Why Do You Need Videos For Business Success

Content marketing no longer comprises mainly of blogs, photos and info-graphics. Video has become an essential part of content marketing. If your business does not make use of video you will fall by the wayside as competitors who do make use of video will draw attention instead of you! The bottom line is that videos are seen everywhere. So, if you want business success, you need to utilize video, for your company to be seen everywhere too! 

Let consider why video is so essential for business success!

Video grabs attention

In all marketing efforts, an initial hook that gets the consumer’s attention is essential. It is far easier to produce a video that grips attention than writing an article with an equally effective attention grabber. The visuals, audio, and words all work together to aid attention-grabbing. A video, potentially, has a more effective hook than content marketing text. That is why you need a video for business success.

Video is needed for business success because it can be used for “word of mouth” marketing

Videos build trust

Video is needed for business success because it can be used for “word of mouth” marketing. How? By means of video testimonials about your product! Videos can reveal how customers experience using your product and doing business with you. “Word of mouth” creates a sense of trust. One would rather buy a product that you have heard (from other customers) is a good product, than buying blindly. This type of video may just sway a potential customer to make the purchase and so aids business success!  

Video has great potential to convert leads

Video is vital for your business success because it has the power to convert leads

The more your customers know about the company and brand the more like they are to be loyal customers. With video, you can achieve just that: telling customers more about your company, its story, its vision, its mission, and of course about your products and services. 

Videos draw attention, engage viewers and so help to bring customers closer to you. This helps to create loyal customers. These are all essential components for business success! 

Viewers want product videos

Consumers expect to see videos from brands that they are interested in – it has become the norm – the expectation! Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. Would you not also like to first see a quick product video to determine what it is all about and if it is really what you had in mind? For sure! So, failing to make use of video will ultimately mean disappointment for consumers and will potentially have a negative implication for your company! Product videos are a must for your business’s success.

Video marketing is on the rise

Video marketing is growing! Video has become a powerful and profitable digital marketing tool. Whereas before, it was mainly used as a branding tool, video is now used more and more also as a sales tool. As such, it is by far more likely that a call-to-action in a marketing video will receive a positive response, as viewers are inclined to act upon what they see. If you want to keep up with the rest of the corporate world you need to have videos for business success!

Social Media embraces video

The popularity of video is evident in the way that communication on social media has evolved: more and more videos are being posted and shared! Videos on social media are important for your business success, because of sharing and linking. These two actions instantly promote and recommend your business. The more shares and likes, the greater your exposure. Therefore, in order to utilize social media successfully, you need videos for your business success!

Video is on the rise on social media

Video boosts SEO ranking

Videos increase SEO ranking and in this way ensure that your company gets seen through web searches! When you embed videos on your company website search engines (especially Google) will show up your website and so increase your online traffic! Moreover, videos may keep viewers on your website for longer, which also works to increase SEO ranking, because video engages visitors and so keeps them for longer on your website pages. 

People remember videos

Another reaseon why you need videos for your business success - they are easier to remember

Audiovisual material is more memorable than text. So, it is therefore more likely that people will remember your company after seeing a video of your brand/company than if they merely read about it! Video also conveys information faster than text and is very likely to elicit a response, because it employs multiple senses at the same time. You want consumers to recall your brand when they are looking for products/services in your line of business, not so? Use video!

The importance of video for business success is extraordinary – it can simply not be overlooked. If you want to be successful in today’s business world, you need it! Even large established companies that do not embrace video will find themselves outshone by smaller companies that effectively make use of it. Video is a preferred medium and is essential for your business success!