Step by Step Guide: Create Explainer Videos for Your Marketing Campaign

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Are you constantly thinking about the next idea for your marketing campaign? That one small detail that may make the difference to attract a larger audience? Well, how about the inclusion of a video? Mix it up, make it simple and hook the people on your product. Here’s a step by step guide to help you with your next video marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaign

Step by step guide to create an explainer video for marketing campaign

Let’s take a school somewhere in England. They’ve experienced a respectable decrease in enrollments for the last few years, so they decided to change their marketing strategy. Instead of going with education for success, they decided to go with education for life and an introduction into their new concept including an environmental aspect. In order to promote this on their website, they wanted to state their new vision in a short and simple manner that would grasp attention and increase the enrollment by marketing and advertising their school in a new way.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

It is the decrease in enrollment numbers and the resulting fault in the curriculum idea as it was too heavily based on academics.

Step 2: Why the Problem Should Be Solved

Without a sufficient number of enrollments, the school will (sooner rather than later) have to close, being the main reason for solving the problem.

Step 3: Offer the Solution

By including an aspect like the environment that is future oriented and includes various possibilities for advertisement ideas and inspirational changes, this step will be to create a more approachable school that focuses on the individual rather than the product.

Step by Step Guide: Create Explainer Videos for Your Marketing Campaign

Step by step guide to create an explainer video for marketing campaign

First, choose a template in the draft step that suits your needs. Mysimpleshow offers you three template categories: Business, Education and Personal. Using our example marketing campaign, we may think of using an education template, but we are really trying to sell a concept. Let’s choose something like ‘Explain your Vision and Strategy’ to emphasize the change inside the school.

Now that the template has been chosen, it is time to write the script. First, we need to identify our audience. Who are we targeting, who will be the buyers, consumers, the ones spreading the word? In our case, students and parents are the target audience. Therefore, we should include some storytelling, emphasizing the message and focusing on the benefits for the child’s development, their future, and their growth as a person. Remember that you are writing the script that will be your voiceover at the end of the video creation process.

The next phase is visualization. The explainer engine has already highlighted some keywords from your script and suggested images to put in your scenes. For our purposes, we can also add some images including the school building, the nature surrounding it highlighting the message of inclusion of the environment, and most importantly personalize the video and give the audience some credibility by using photos of real people who work at the school. Once you have included all the images and have checked that it is clear and attention grasping, you’re ready to finalize the video!

Step by step guide to create an explainer video for marketing campaign

You can choose a voiceover in the finalize step, adapt the speech or even upload an audio file by yourself. 

If you’re scared that you might forget a step or if you’re not sure how to write your script, don’t worry! Mysimpleshow provides you with guidelines along the way and your template includes a structure to keep your writing focused. Always remember to keep it short, use simple language that is relevant for the target group and keep your viewers hooked through an interesting story, inspiring visuals, and most important: a worthy message.

It’s time you get started on your next marketing video!