simpleshow wins TMN Choice Awards 2023

Written by Tim Moss | 12th September 2023

We are proud that simpleshow has won the prestigious Training Magazine Network Choice Awards for the third year in a row. These awards are revered in the industry for recognizing excellence in training products and solutions.

Training Magazine Network invites its vast community of over 56,000 members each year to cast their votes. Members are tasked with selecting the vendors that provide the most effective tools and solutions for their unique work. Categories range from authoring tools to training performance measurement and evaluation.

So, What's simpleshow's Big Win?

This time around, simpleshow proudly takes its place among the winners in two significant categories:

1. Authoring Tools and Systems

Authoring tools are the unsung heroes behind the creation of learning materials, courses, and presentations. They play an indispensable role in crafting effective learning resources. simpleshow video maker empowers trainers to craft engaging and easily digestible learning content. The tool’s user-friendliness, combined with the magic of artificial intelligence, transforms complex information into vivid and captivating explanations.

2. Custom Content/Program Development

Custom content can be designed to closely align with an organization’s mission, values, and strategic goals, resulting in more effective learning outcomes. simpleshow makes creating custom videos easy with AI-powered features that cater to your unique needs. With an
intelligent illustration style, your videos will automatically feature your specific brand colors and elements. But we also offer many additional services to our customers. Whether it’s custom graphics, animations, or specialized requests, there’s nothing beyond our capabilities.

Here's to a promising future!

Our journey has been one of relentless innovation and efficiency, all in pursuit of bringing you an exceptional experience with the simpleshow platform. The fruits of our labor have resulted in simpleshow becoming synonymous with the creation of explainer videos. We’re thrilled that these efforts have been recognized and rewarded.

We would also like to congratulate our fellow category winners. Your contributions to the training and development industry are truly commendable.

A big thank you to the Training Magazine Network for organizing this prestigious awards program. Your commitment to highlighting excellence in training products and solutions is invaluable, and we’re honored to be a part of it. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and innovation in learning and development.

But what’s next? The future holds even more exciting developments and groundbreaking solutions. Take, for example, our Story Generator, which allows scripts to be generated by an AI with the click of a button. This is a game changer, especially for busy L&D professionals who often need more time and resources.

Are you curious to experience the power of the simpleshow video maker first hand? Don’t wait! Click below to create your first video today!

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