How To Incorporate Explainer Videos As Part Of Your Sales Strategy

In principle, the internet is the perfect place for lengthy content. After all, you can make a web article as long as you want. Feel like covering a topic in such depth that your blog post runs to tens of thousands of words? No one will stop you — but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. At this point, people expect information to be communicated efficiently and conveniently. By the point you hit the 1000-word mark, plenty of readers have already given up and left. Keeping the attention is essential for sales strategy.

If your article is too long, you may lose many customers. Especially in sales, you need a good strategy to keep the attention.

This is why a simple explainer video offers so much value. Using video as part of your sales strategy, you can bring graphics, text, and voice-overs together to create a punchy 30-second clip detailing a topic that would have taken a full article to cover in similar depth. And that clip is versatile. You can embed it, share it, and expand upon it at your leisure.

With that said, if you commit to making explainer videos for products, services, industry issues, or even your brand, you should make the most of them. In this post, we’re going to set out some tips for using explainer videos to bolster your sales strategy. Let’s get started!

Use product introductions to lead your landing pages

Running an effective online sales strategy requires the use of strong landing pages. Whenever you run a PPC ad campaign or distribute an affiliate link, you’ll want to lead people to pages specifically designed to take their initial interest and convert it into as many sales as possible. Those pages need to be as impactful as possible — and leading with videos is great for this.

When you’re promoting a particular product, feature an explainer video covering the core strengths on offer. It doesn’t need to go into much detail. Think about how Apple has always showcased its products with videos that repeat the key features and look impressive. That’s all you need: something that can make a product look notable in a succinct way.

The process of including video shouldn’t be an issue. Most platforms will allow you to drop the embed code for a YouTube or Vimeo video into an area of general content. Others have set areas for product videos that you may want to use, which can complicate things somewhat: the enterprise-level Magento CMS, for instance, requires you to add an API key from your Google account before you can include your videos. Even so, it’s not too complicated.

Have happy customers explain your brand selling points

There is a notable advantage to focusing on your clients, and it concerns trust. Consider that your perspective is inevitably and fundamentally biased in your favor. This might not affect the power of your product videos, but it will certainly limit the usefulness of any videos you create to explain your brand.

For a good sales strategy it's useful if you consider the ideas of your customers.

After all, every company will focus on its strengths and gloss over its weaknesses, making such videos essentially puff pieces of little significance. But what if you leave the explaining to others? What if you reach out to happy customers and ask them to explain to your target audience what makes your brand worthy of their support?

Even if you only create one video featuring satisfied customers talking about what makes your brand so great, that can be more than enough to set you apart. And if you can get some notable industry figures to provide endorsements as well, the impact will be even greater. In the end, it’s not about having them heap implausible praise on you: it’s about using compelling testimony to show others that the things you say about your brand are actually genuine.

Create advice videos to serve as outreach assets

Every product or service you provide will serve to address at least one concern. Blackout curtains keep light from getting into spaces that need to be dark, while hiking boots protect people’s feet while they traverse hazardous terrain. Additional broader concerns are often things like environmental protection or charity. You can sell items that solve problems and encourage people to save electricity, for instance, such as LED bulbs.

So what does this have to do with advice videos? Well, instead of concentrating on products or your brand, you can focus on advising people regarding those broader concerns — and use those advice videos as outreach assets. An online store selling environmentally-friendly products could create a video all about what people can do to protect the environment, then send it to various online publications likely to post it.

The idea here is indirect promotion. You brand the videos, but lightly, and without mentioning your products and/or services. People who see the videos will want to learn more about what you do, so they’ll search for your site, and they’ll be more likely to give you a chance because of the value provided through the videos. And if you don’t have a real cause of that kind, you could make videos of general tips about how to make good buying decisions in your niche.

Explainer videos can help you promote products, earn trust in your brand, and demonstrate your expertise to your target audience. This makes them excellent investments. Why not try introducing them to your overall sales strategy?

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