How To Build a Resilient Remote Workforce Using Online Learning

Is your team building resilience in the remote workplace? The benefits of resilience in the remote workplace include teams having more clarity of purpose, stronger connections, and a can-do attitude. The good news is that you can support resiliency in your workplace by using online learning tools and here’s how.

Encourage resilience-oriented conversations

Encourage resilience-oriented conversations

It is critical that you communicate individually with your staff members regularly to keep them informed of expectations, deadlines, get feedback, etc. A study by Harvard Business Review reveals that Navy recruits were able to have a 20% increase in resilience by having one on one guided conversations. This can be time-consuming, so we recommend taking advantage of online training to help communicate these expectations. This will save time and allow team members to learn and discuss it on their own time between teammates. 

Use online learning to foster connection and belonging

Use online learning to foster connection and belonging

Are your meetings structured to include group conversations and foster connections between employees? Simply asking generic questions like “How are you” will elicit a short answer such as “I’m fine”. It is better to ask, “What is one interesting thing you’ve learned in the last week”. Remote employees will better express themselves and have more lighthearted conversations. Online learning can help communicate expectations for your meetings and open up discussions. simpleshow creates opportunities in the remote workplace to practice resiliency by simplifying materials and offering more clarity in your message. 

Stay ahead of changes

As employees around the world change their work habits, their learning habits are also changing. Examining the data around how employees are learning and also what they are learning allows us to understand the current challenges and the opportunity to stay ahead of shifting skills. Consuming content around problem-solving, productivity, and working and managing virtually is changing. A March 2020 Gallup survey reveals that 74% of CFO’s plan to shift their work to a remote format by the end of the pandemic. Employees who have engaged in online learning following the shift to a virtual workplace will provide a path to a new world of work and increase workplace resiliency. 

Invest in resilience today

An online video creation tool such as simpleshow video maker is very well suited for online learning and allows your employees to review resilience and work training as much as they want

Sure, you took the time during the hiring process to source the best possible remote talent out there. That doesn’t mean that your job is done, though. Remote workers need continuous learning in order to bring out the best in them. Reward your employees for a job well done, offer constructive feedback, and take the steps necessary to further develop their work skills and soft skills. Developing a resilient workforce is not a one-time thing. An online video creation tool such as simpleshow video maker allows your employees to review resilience and work training as much as they want, and they are more likely to retain the training information. 

Self-conducted, on-demand and truly continuous learning has never been more important. Leaders are turning to learning as a critical way to build organizational resilience. simpleshow video maker fulfills this promise by simplifying your message to create meaningful resilience in your workforce.