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One-Liner Videos to Send to Your Leads

A one-liner usually refers to a joke that is delivered in a single line. However, in the corporate world, one-liners take on a slightly different meaning. They may still be humorous, but they are now used to inform and draw customers. Business one-liners are used to describe or explain what your company does in a simple and straight-forward way.

A one-liner, in this sense, typically comprises 3 parts: It reveals a problem, it reveals your company’s solution to the problem and it shares the benefit of using your company, in a pithy statement. One-liners are essential in sharing what your company does whenever you communicate with potential customers.

One-Liner Videos to Send to Your Leads

Engage Leads

The concept of a one-liner can be taken even further by producing one-liner videos to communicate in a concise, simple and straight-forward way with potential customers.

Leads do not automatically turn into customers. It is essential to follow up and connect with leads within a day or two of generating them. A one-liner video will remind the lead of your presence in a manner that is visually powerful. It can be shared via social media or e-mail. (By using social media, you have the added chance to share your company with others too.) Personalize your correspondence with leads by addressing them by name.

How To Make A One-Liner Video

“Expand and reduce” the one-liner… Let’s explain: effective one-liner videos tell a story and use humor or clever puns. Use your business one-liner and turn it into a video script by expanding on each of the 3 parts mentioned in our explainer video (above). Explain each part a bit more or write a very short story. Also reduce your business one-liner by turning it into a witty, clever, humorous, or tongue-in-cheek punch line. Then, write a story based around the business one-liner and end it off with the punch line. (Alternatively, use the punch line as the opening statement. Then give “the history” of the punch line by expanding upon the original business one-liner, in the form of a story.)

When people can identify with a story they are more likely to remember the brand and be motivated to take a step closer and make a purchase. Stories have a beginning, middle, and end. By using the business one-liner you can easily determine the beginning, middle, and end to your story, the setting and the conflict that needs resolving. Write a very short real script from which to make the video.

One-liner videos must be short! The aim is to grip the leads’ attention immediately. Make it interesting and exciting, but no more than 60 seconds long!

Examples of One-Liner Videos


Let’s look at these three one-liners that we have found online. They are examples of excellent punch lines for one-liner videos:

Example 1 – said of a health and beauty business: “Improve your Selfies! Get your: Threading; Haircut and color; Facial; Waxing, Manicure; Pedicure; Makeup. Here!”  The problem is about not looking your best. The solution is to have a make-over (have your hair colored / cut, a facial & makeup treatment, manicure and pedicure). The benefits are that all of these can be done at the same location.

Example 2 – said of a gym and fitness business: “Tired of being fat and ugly? Just be ugly!!”

The problem is being overweight. The solution is personal training and the benefits involve getting rid of excess weight while also getting fit. This example has an added bit of humor! (Sort out the “ugly” issue by going for the makeover offered in Example 1!)

Example 3 – said of a shoe repair business: “I will heel you. I will save your sole. I will even dye for you.”  Here the problem involves favorite shoes that are slightly / partly damaged. The solution is a shoe repair or revamp. The benefits are that you will feel better, because you can still wear your favorite shoes.

These real life examples of one-liner punch lines could all be made into excellent story scripts for one-liner videos, to send to leads.

Use one-liners to briefly introduce your company, perhaps in text or in conversation. Follow this up by using one-liner videos to remind the lead of your existence. By repeating the business one-liner, this time in video format, you create some sort of a point of reference that can have a big impact on the leads’ next actions. Outstanding one-liner videos will fully engage your leads and ultimately convert them!