mysimpleshow at Unbound Miami: Using Video to Build Authentic Brand Experiences

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Storytelling is everywhere. In every professional field, storytelling is being recognized as a key to success, especially in building authentic brand experiences.

Emily attended the Unbound Miami tech conference at Mana Convention Center in Wynwood on October 30th and 31st. During the conference, she sat in on a panel about building authentic brand experiences, featuring three speakers: Alejandro Betancourt, Associate Brand Director at P&G; Pedro Porto, Head of Brand Strategy LATAM at Twitter; and Sam Baum, Director of Marketing at Red Bull.

Part of the discussion’s focus was on storytelling as the most important marketing tool for companies in order to meet generational needs and build relationships. Gen Z prioritizes authentic and value-adding brands, prompting businesses to invest an increased amount of time in building genuine relationships with consumers. P&G, Twitter, and Red Bull have accomplished creating a successful brand narrative through storytelling and the experts shared their views on how to foster authentic and valuable experiences with target consumers.

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So how can mysimpleshow explainer videos be used to build value and establish authenticity with target audiences?

Using Video to Build Authentic Brand Experiences

Brands must present an authentic narrative to build an emotional connection with their customers because we are in a world of digital distraction. Challenges and opportunities are simultaneously presented in this space, and mysimpleshow serves to solve some of those challenges.

Create an Emotional Connection

Explainer videos can be used to teach target audiences about your products and services, mission, values, history, and company culture. They can be used for social media content – have your audience participate in a video creation challenge for a chance to win great prizes! Imagine sending a short video to valued customers for their birthday, or ‘anniversary’ of signing up or purchasing your product or service. Simple actions like these show the customer you care, and help create that necessary emotional connection. Creating a character to tell a story helps even more to create an emotional connection.

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Deliver the Message the Right Way

Of course, the message is important, but delivering the message in the right way is even more important. If you have a global audience, you must understand relevant social, political, and economic conditions in various locations around the world before delivering a message. Do research before deciding on how to build a brand narrative for a certain area – make sure it is relevant to them in order to ensure you will connect with the target audience!

Tell Your Story Without Sound

Finally, the way storytelling is changing was addressed, and a key point was mentioned. The three pillars of storytelling – images, sounds, and the story itself, are condensing into two – just images and the story. The world is in the process of moving from using predominantly TV to connect with consumers to using the Internet – and stories in the form of commercials have changed to shorter ads and 10-15 second videos without sound. Being able to tell your story without sound is key, and mysimpleshow provides your company with an opportunity to shine using a combination of images and text on screen that help deliver your brand narrative.