How Can Explainer Videos Scale Your Employee Training Program?

As a business or manager, you want to provide the best experience for your employees. After all, when they’re happy, they’re more productive and usually don’t mind going the extra mile. As someone they look up to, you need to provide the right training to help them be successful. That’s where explainer videos come in. Here are a few things to look for when scaling your employee training program.


They are More Engaging

When creating an employee training program, you want to make sure the audience is engaged with what is being taught.When creating video training for your employees, you want to make sure that the audience is engaged with what is being taught. Having videos with a simplified rundown of how the job is done is just as efficient, or more effective than in-person training. You also need to consider your employees’ learning styles. Some may find it easier to learn with a full breakdown of concepts in a series of videos, while others catch on quickly with a brief explanation. You also need to make allowances for those with learning disabilities. The best way to do this is by creating visual resources with high contrast imagery, subtitles, a voiceover, and minimal distractions from the main message. 

They are convenient 

Implementing explainer videos into your employee training program not only makes the training process more engaging but also helps save time. Constantly scheduling meetings to educate on how things work is time-consuming for both sides of the conversation. Instead of scheduling excessive meetings, creating and releasing short informational videos gives employees the opportunity to refresh their memory after their initial viewing. This enables your learner to watch a concept a few times, rather than asking questions to have a person repeat information. This format makes everyone feel comfortable while also becoming informed. 


Organize online learning

Since working from home is a common practice for many companies, you need to set up online learning to complement your meetings.Since working from home is a common practice for many companies, you need to set up online learning to complement your meetings. While some employees do perform better in the office, most adapt easily to an online learning environment. Effective resources can help make this adjustment simple and enjoyable. Company meetings can also be conducted online.  Offering employees a company computer or will instill a level of trust they will appreciate, while also facilitating the success of their position. It also gives them a chance to stay current on work protocol and improve on the job.

The Takeaway

Take the necessary steps to scale your employee training program, and don’t forget to make the learning environment as engaging as possible. Setting up your team for success with efficient training ultimately is what’s best for your business long-term. Thankfully, explainer videos are a quick and effective way to make that happen. 


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Zara Arakelyan is a content writer and digital marketing expert to the extreme with a knack for social media marketing strategy and implementation. In addition to writing, she is the initiator and consultant of various student-related programs, such as educational tuition fees, college fundings, and employees’ personal loan programs, etc.