Using Explainer Videos On Your Company Website

Visual content is a must on any company website. Add motion and sound and you have a very powerful marketing tool! Let’s examine where and how explainer videos can be used on your website.


The aim of the home-page is to grab the viewer’s attention and concisely express the purpose & value of the business. What better way to do this than with an explainer video on your homepage! It simply needs to give a brief explanation of who you are and what you do! Or, a video that briefly explains how your products and services will benefit consumers is also an excellent choice for the home-page. It is important to ensure that the video captures visitors’ attention in such a way that they want to browse further to find out more about your company. 

Using explainer videos on your company website home page is an excellent choice.


The about-page is the one that helps clients to see if your business is really what they are looking for. Again, an explainer video is just the perfect vehicle to show visitors a bit more about the company and the people behind it. Think in terms of what sort of information visitors to your company website would want to know about and then make explainer videos to enlighten them. A number of options spring to mind – use explainer videos to: 

– tell your company story

– explain how you are different from your competitors

– share a story that tells how you have touched lives

– introduce your team by explaining who is who and what their roles are within your organization

– clarify your company philosophy, vision, or mission 

Product-page / Service-page

Make sure that you add an explainer video to your company website product page so that the customers can get to know your product better

The product-page / service-page is probably one of the most obvious places to use explainer videos on your company website, but strangely, many websites overlook this opportunity! Before consumers buy your product or make use of your service they subconsciously (and sometimes quite deliberately!) want to make sure that yours is the right product/service for their needs. An explainer video can put their minds at ease and convince them to buy your product / make use of your service! So, these pages need to include videos that showcase the range of products/services that you offer. If you have a large number of products/services you can even include explainer videos for each one that also highlights the benefits consumers can expect from the product/service. 


Explainer videos that answer questions that consumers often ask will serve your visitors better

The FAQ-page is another of your company website pages that can optimally benefit from the use of explainer videos. Explainer videos that answer questions that consumers often ask will serve your visitors better, as text explanations can be amplified with audio-visual explanations. So, for this page, design explainer videos to:

– clarify issues 

– answer questions you are repeatedly asked

– address possible objections your prospects may have


The contact-page needs to show potential customers all the ways they can get in touch with your company. It is a good idea to make it easy and appealing to get in touch with you. This is typically done by means of a contact form that can be completed online and by providing a business address, phone number, and business email address. But have you ever thought of making the whole “get-in-touch” process a bit more exciting by placing an explainer video on your contact page? This can be done by explaining how to get to you, with easy directions. Or, include a comical explainer video about how to get in touch with you! Sometimes one needs to think out of the box! An explainer video on your contact page will definitely make you stand out from the rest!

Additional Ideas

– News-page: Tell newsworthy stories about your business accomplishments in animated explainer videos.

– Privacy Policy-page: Explain your privacy policy by means of an explainer video so that your company website visitors know how any information you collect will be used.

– Testimonials-page: Explain how those who have made use of your service / bought your product benefitted from it in order to encourage visitors to do business with you too!

– Terms & Conditions-page: Explain terms and conditions by means of an explainer video, before you get your viewer to read it all (which they rarely do…). A short video will be much more appealing than reading through all the fine print!