The “Science of Good Explanations”
at Advertising Week Asia

Sharing our thoughts with our families, partners, colleagues and customers is a natural part of our daily routine.

In order to prevent our statements from being misunderstood, we often have to face the question of how can we properly communicate with others so that messages are understood in the way that we originally intended.

This key topic was tackled in a seminar at the Advertising Week Asia, which was held for the first time in Tokyo in 2016. Renowned Japanese author (“Communication is 90%”) and ad writer Keiichi Sasaki, brain researcher and psychologist Dr. Nobuko Nakano and the CEO of simpleshow Japan Tetsu Yoshida came together to discuss and share their thoughts about efficient communication with people. They presented some scientific approaches as well as several case studies.

(from L-R: Tetsu Yoshida, Dr. Nobuko Nakano, Keiichi Sasaki)

(from L-R: Keiichi Sasaki, Dr. Nobuko Nakano, Tetsu Yoshida)


Advertising Week Asia

The Advertising Week has been held in New York and London since 2004 and was staged in Tokyo for the very first time from 30 May to 2 June 2016. The program comprises a wide range of presentations, seminars and networking events for guests from the fields of advertising, marketing and media.

Before the event, simpleshow Japan produced a video explaining the Advertising Week to the audience, encouraging them to take part.