Effective Virtual Hiring: What is the Future of Work

As of now, more and more companies are resorting to hiring online. I.e., in the virtual world, amidst the raging COVID 19 pandemic. Businesses are using anything and everything from email advertisements, to text messages. Apart from that, there are social media apps such as LinkedIn, not to mention mobile apps too. But even if your company has job postings literally everywhere that does not mean you can get the attention of the desired candidate. This is the part where a well-rounded virtual hiring strategy comes to the fore. Let us check out some of the best online hiring methods and strategies that can help you to find your ideal candidates both today, as well as in the future:



Mobile optimize all of your Recruitment Strategies

Boost your virtual hiring by optimizing your campaigns.

It does not matter if you believe in simple text recruitment or if you opt for career sites. It is imperative that you connect to your target audience via mobile-optimized apps and websites, especially during the virtual hiring process. According to data gathered by the PEW research firm, more than half of prospective job seekers tend to apply for jobs from their mobile devices. This is why it is absolutely imperative to ensure that your career site is as mobile-friendly as it can get. 

As a matter of fact, if you make any changes on your site or even on your application forms, it is imperative that you should check the same on a mobile handheld device as well. You should strive to ensure that your site is both very user-friendly and has as few clicks as possible. If it is a hard-to-navigate site or if it contains multiple clunky application forms, the odds are that the prospective job seekers will give up the ghost and seek employment elsewhere.



Try To Go For Video Exclusivity 

Many recruitment professionals as well as prospective job seekers prefer videos over forms and sites. These days it might be unsafe to have face-to-face interviews in many places of the world including Germany and the US. This is why the more up-and-coming generation of young job seekers fully expect and actually look forward to video-based presentations. They would like them to be used in their job search as well as being part of the hiring process. 

In these times, recruiting companies eschew inviting large numbers of candidates to their offices, and the feeling is reciprocated by potential job seekers. This is when videos come to play. In today’s digital age you can find employees with creative recruiting videos where you will seek the right employee while showing your company culture. 

However, this does not mean that videos can be used exclusively for virtual hiring. You can also use them to open up a whole new world of near-endless possibilities for reaching out to and communicating with prospective candidates. Something else that would certainly prove helpful here is explainer videos. As their name tells, these videos are used to visually show the recruitment process in a simple and entertaining way. It is interesting to note the variety of approaches that different companies use to elaborate the concept of recruitment. They all present the key elements of recruitment, as the benefits of getting hired in the company, the requirements, and so on. Via explainer videos virtual candidates will be well-informed about the company.

Video presentations create a multi-dimensional world that cannot be replicated on paper or described in a phone call. This is why using video is a highly relevant online recruiting tool today.



Using PEO Services as an Aid to Recruitment 

Many companies are using the services of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) for the recruitment of the right employees. These organizations are an interesting choice for your company as they also provide employee relocation services.



Use Keyword Optimization for SEO Related Job Descriptions

Organic searches are the best ways to attract desirable candidates for the jobs at hand. After all, you know that almost all prospective job candidates are actively searching for their dream jobs online. This is why it is absolutely imperative to ensure that your open jobs will appear in their online search results. A good way to do that is to ensure that you upload your job description online while using the most popular keywords and phrases. Especially the ones that you think the candidates will deem ideal for the jobs they like the most. However, merely using keywords is not enough, since you will have to capture their attention well enough to sell them the position. 




In today’s pandemic-ridden world, effective virtual hiring platforms, explainer videos and virtual strategies are more important than ever before. You will need to create a mobile-centric online hiring platform and use lots of videos and the right keywords to attract the right talent. Apart from that, you should also consider hiring PEOs to find that ideal candidate for the job at hand.