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5 Ways Affordable AI Can Streamline Your Sales Process

When it comes to making a sales process run more efficiently, there are many tools that can help with this. The problem is that most of them are outdated and do not make use of artificial intelligence to make the process even better for everyone involved.

The good news is that with a little bit of knowledge, there are multiple ways by which affordable AI can streamline your sales process. 

In this article, you will discover five of these ways so you can use AI to make your sales process more effective, efficient, and profitable – let’s dive in.


 1. Create a better pipeline

Create a better pipeline using AI to enhance your sales process

One of the biggest challenges in creating an effective sales process is that it’s constantly changing. You make improvements to your sales process, and then inevitably you work with different customers who have different needs than your last project. What worked before might not be relevant anymore and vice versa. Consider using AI explainer videos, since these are great at creating a sales funnel that’s tailored to each client, explaining technical items in a language that can be understood by the target client.

AI can determine the best way they should be contacted, by what methods their needs and preferences are met, and how well you maintain your pipeline.

AI has the power to provide instant feedback so there is no trial-and-error or guesswork involved in developing your sales process. 

This means that you can create an effective process for every client.


 2. Analyze data to find what works

Salespeople’s days are busy enough without having to go through the data that they collect themselves. Most of the time, it takes a lot of time and effort just to make sense of sales data and customer profiles. But AI can pull all this data together and put it into actionable insights that salespeople can use to increase their effectiveness.

Analyze your data using AI to increase the effectiveness of your sales process

But what if I told you there was a way for AI to analyze data even during the sales process? This means that your AI would analyze all the information it collects from each step of the sales process as you go, not just after. This helps salespeople on the job to make better decisions faster and might open up sales channels that you had never considered.

For example, hosting a podcast might make sense if you realize that your clients are mostly auditory learners and stand to benefit from more education on your product or service.

It’s important to remember that AI can only do so much when it comes to analyzing data. This means that you should also have human analysts look at everything and give their input while still getting AI insights for all of your sales team members. Human analysts can also use tools such as simpleshow to then create content based on this newly acquired data.


 3. Improve communication with customers

A good relationship between a customer and their salesperson is essential in every successful sale. The issue is that building this rapport doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, effort, and creativity from both parties involved. 

The more information about the potential client you learn during the sales process, the easier it is to create an effective plan together that will turn them into a customer who will continue to buy from you again in the future. 

Generating synthetic data from sensitive datasets to find common patterns that AI can find and use to communicate with customers in a way that’s more relevant for them. This means less time wasted trying out different methods of communication on each client and an easier way to get your message across as efficiently as possible – irrespective if you’re selling your own product or acting as a reseller.


 4. Get better insights into what works

AI collects data in seconds which can help you get better insights into your sales process

One of the biggest challenges salespeople face is not knowing which approaches are working best for their customers or even finding weaknesses within their current process so they can improve it. 

AI can collect all past human behavior when it comes to specific sales, like why certain ones succeeded or failed, how long each phase of the sale took, how many emails it took to close the sale, etc.

AI collects data in seconds, data that would take a salesperson hours to gather for any single client; this gives salespeople instant feedback they can use to make their process better over time. This data can then also be passed on to your marketing department so they can adjust the promotions that go out to your clients.

This has the benefit of ensuring your people are always equipped with up-to-date information that will lead them to more success down the line. 

Moreover, AI is never biased, so it can collect and pool data from any number of clients without worrying about missing certain information. A human salesperson might go into a conversation with their client already biased due to past experiences and interactions. With AI handling all the first-hand details of the sale, you can be sure that your team is always informed with data they can trust to get them closer to closing deals faster.


 5. Sell faster

As if it weren’t bad enough that today’s buyers have unprecedented access to an overwhelming amount of information about potential products and services online, they also tend to lose focus much faster.

We live in a world where our attention spans are shorter than goldfish. When we decide to buy something, we want it now and we don’t want to wait. AI gives salespeople the speed they need to close deals faster than ever before.

This all comes down to the fact that fewer people are willing to have a long and drawn-out conversation with someone about their needs anymore – especially when they can just do research online first. 

Speaking of short attention spans, AI technology is now able to create explainer videos that can do the work over and over (without any input from your salespeople) to attract leads and convert them into customers. 

For example, simpleshow.com now has an AI-based explainer video creator that has a 20+ language feature to enhance the sales process.


Final thoughts on how AI Can Streamline The Sales Process

Artificial intelligence is here and it’s here to stay for a long time. But that doesn’t mean AI will take over the world and make humans irrelevant overnight – it just means we have to learn how to use it in our favor.

When it comes to the sales process, AI can save you a lot of time and money – from running campaigns to analyzing data, selling products, or even handling customer service through chatbots. Explainer videos also allow you to share exactly what we want to say, each and every time without fail, while also increasing your personal brand.

By using AI right (the right way) at every stage of your sales process, you will get better results for both your business and your customers.


Author’s Bio

Hanson Cheng is the founder of Freedom to Ascend. He empowers online entrepreneurs and business owners to 10x their business and become financially independent. You can connect with him here.