5 Tips and Tricks to Optimize Video Using Your Brand Colors

Influence. Reputation. Consistency. These are just a few attributes associated with a strong brand. The association is even stronger when you incorporate video. Now, with our new intelligent clean style, your videos can perfectly reflect your corporate identity (CI). 

How? COLOR. Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. Think about your brand colors – how do they make you feel? 

We’re here to share a few tips and tricks that will help you EASILY and QUICKLY add your corporate identity to your videos with just a splash of (your brand’s) color! 

Why branding? Why video?

From employee training to marketing presentations, video has the ability to turn complex ideas and topics into a simple and entertaining format everyone can digest. In fact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading the same information in a text.

So why not utilize video to improve brand recognition? Branding can increase customer loyalty, generate new customers, and even inspire employees, all of which lead to a stronger bottom line. 

With the importance of branding in mind, the new intelligent clean style allows you to easily incorporate your brand colors and further personalize all text and illustrations. Are you ready to see your corporate identity shine? 

Before you begin…

Brand colors are what make a business stand out. They are what makes the brand unique and memorable. Think about Walmart’s blues and Target’s reds. These colors are basically your brand’s fingerprint, or at least, part of it. 

You must first ask your Marketing or CI-Department to provide you with your brand colors. They will give you what is called a hex code. Every color is assigned a specific and unique number that sets it completely apart from a similar color. It is usually accompanied by a “#” symbol. For instance, Sunset Read’s hex code is #7F5158. Hex codes are extremely important in differentiating the correct colors from colors that simply just LOOK like the correct colors. 

Now onto the 5 tips and tricks you’ve been waiting for. We’re making it easy for you to quickly add your corporate identity to your videos.

1. Give your corporate colors the spotlight

Set your dominant brand color as the primary color. Add two more colors as secondary and tertiary colors to represent your brand’s color palette. 

Your brand’s color palette was chosen for a reason. It’s intended to create certain feelings about your company. Incorporating these colors into your video not only helps create brand consistency (which your marketing team will thank you for!), but it also helps to improve brand recognition with your audience. 

Bonus! Once you set your colors, you don’t have to worry about how color is applied to each element. Our artificial intelligence prescribes the correct color ratio for all illustrations.

Once you set your brand colors, our artificial intelligence prescribes the correct color ratio for all illustrations.

2. Keep color simple

Keep your video simple by using only one dominant color. Set your primary color and then set the secondary or tertiary colors to white. 

Your primary brand color is part of what makes your brand unique to you. Think about Walmart as an example. Their brand colors are blue and yellow with blue being the primary, dominant color. This color is what will make customers think of the brand. As we always say, simple is better!

3. Darken the outlines

Use a darker color to outline your images.

Use a dark shade, such as black or dark gray as your outline unless your background color is dark. Keep in mind, that the outline color will be used for any text and illustration you add to your video.

Contrast creates visual interest which optimizes the user experience. It also creates a visual hierarchy. That means it can help draw your audience’s attention to the most important part of the design. The ability to change the outlines gives you the flexibility to design for maximum impact.

 4. Upgrade your video background

If you need to incorporate additional CI colors, utilize the background feature to add more colors or personalization. 

We already discussed the impact that color can have on moods, actions, etc. While we believe in keeping things simple, sometimes there are specific reasons you may need to add additional color and the customizable background feature is an easy way to do this. 

Here are a few reminders for using color in your backgrounds:

  • Limit the number of colors to avoid overstimulation
  • Choose colors that match the purpose or tone of the message (i.e using a darker or lighter shade based on the mood)
  • Create contrast between colors to add visual interest
  • Use complementary colors to create a sense of harmony (Yellow-Violet, Red-Green, & Blue-Orange)

Here you can learn more about how to add different backgrounds to your videos in simpleshow video maker:

5. Add branded effects 

Utilize the effects (now branded in your colors) in simpleshow video maker to emphasize important elements of your video. 

Effects are powerful storytelling tools that help to create more engaging stories by drawing the audience’s attention. The effects are now branded in the corporate colors you set, adding even more branding opportunities for your videos.  

Add effects in your brand colors.

Now it’s your turn!

By implementing these tips, you can easily create captivating videos using color in the clean style. Enhance your corporate identity, build brand recognition, and have a little fun while doing it. We can’t wait to see how you take your videos to the next level!