Corporate Identity – The individual personality of your company

Why is a Corporate Identity so important? Every day we are inundated with information and images, and in a few seconds we evaluate whether we like them or not. Imagine, you are standing at a market and all around you people are shouting, trying to convince you (very loudly!) of their products. Sensory overload quickly sets in. Which product do you choose? The choice of suppliers and products is simply too much!

Therefore, it is more and more important that your company stands out and, above all, is perceived positively. Because, that has a significant impact on the decision to buy. Do you visit a particular market vendor because they’re the loudest or because you like the look and feel of their company and their products?


Corporate identity gives your company a personality

A good corporate identity, or CI, consists of many components, all of which are interrelated. Basically, it describes a comprehensive strategy aimed at bringing life into your company and giving it personality. This is how you set yourself apart from the competition and create a brand that is distinctive and memorable. In doing so, always ask yourself, “How do I want to be perceived as a company and what do I want to embody?”

An important element for external impact is corporate design (CD). This refers to the visual identity, i.e. the uniform appearance of your company. A good corporate design runs through all areas of the company – from the logo and work clothing to your online presence. What are your corporate colors and what do they express? What do you want to say with your logo? What effect do the font and images on your website have on users?

A coherent corporate design plays a particularly important role in corporate communications. That’s why simpleshow video maker now offers you the opportunity to create explainer videos that fit perfectly into your corporate design.


Individual explainer videos that match your corporate identity

With the new features in simpleshow video maker, you can make your explainer videos even more individual! In the settings, you can now upload your own background image. This gives you absolute freedom over the look and feel and the placement of your logo, for example. Or you can choose one of the finished templates that give your video a professional look. Do you prefer a monochrome look? No problem! Just set the color that matches your corporate design, or that best suits your message.


If you’re working with multiple team members in your account, simply set a default background in the settings. This will ensure that every explainer video in the future will match your corporate design exactly.

See exactly how it works in this video and get started with video maker.