5 Steps for Adding More Diversity to Your Videos in simpleshow video maker

We’re here: the golden age of video marketing and communications. There is a spotlight on diversity, meaning we have more freedom in who we feature to tell our stories. It’s like the world is having a reality check about the variety of people who live in it, and they want their marketing efforts to reflect that reality. simpleshow wants to help. That’s why simpleshow video maker now automatically adds diversity to your video. We also created an expanded illustration database featuring all different body types, ethnicities, religions, ages, abilities and sexual orientations represented in the characters. (We’ll get to specifics on how to use them in a minute.)


Diversity has a positive impact on your company

First, let’s talk a little about why diversity is so important. Studies have shown that companies with a lot of diversity are doing better from a morale standpoint and are more productive. It makes sense. When you bring different perspectives together, it can have a direct, positive impact on creative work and thought processes.

Using more diversity in your videos will have an positive impact!

Now, while we’re seeing that positive influence in business, our messaging may still be behind the times. Nine out of ten marketers agree that there is still room for growth in using more diverse images in marketing campaigns, according to Shutterstock.

Furthermore, viewers want to see the colorful and diverse world we live in more accurately reflected in media. According to Facebook, 54% of audiences in the U.S., U.K., and Brazil said they “do not feel culturally represented in advertising.” Plus, 64% said they want to see more diversity.

If you’re reading this, then you likely already know the positive benefits of storytelling on information retention and sharing. The root of telling a good story is character, and the more people can see themselves in the narrative, the more they will relate to it. How can you ensure people see themselves in the narrative? That’s where diversity comes in.

At simpleshow, diversity is part of who we are so we know how important it is. That’s why we want to make including it in your videos, well, simple. One test drive in our simpleshow video maker, and you’ll see that we have. You can help give your people the diversity they want with simpleshow video maker in a few easy steps.


How to Better Represent Diversity with simpleshow video maker


1. Let AI Do the Work for You

Our simpleshow video maker works with an amazing AI.

No matter which illustration style you choose – the expanded illustration database is already at your fingertips. Just upload your script into one of our templates and let our artificial intelligence engine select imagery for you. You’ll notice that whenever characters or groups of people are mentioned in the script, there will be a diverse representation of characters.

Either keep what was selected for your video or scroll through the illustrations on the right to find the perfect fit.

Pro tip: If you need something really specific, don’t forget about the search bar. Type in a key word that best reflects the story and see what pops up


2. Customize Skin Tones and Hair Colors

This is where things get really fun and allow you to get every detail right for your video. While skin tone and hair color variations are automatically applied once you switch on the skin tones toggle, you also have the option to adjust them for each character illustration. So, if you find a character type and style you love, but you want them to look a little older, you can change their hair color to gray in a second.

Pro tip: At the top of the character illustration bank, you’ll see a color palate. The first line is for skin tones and the second line is for hair colors. Select different colors to preview on screen to create the ideal characters for your story.


 3. Use the “Show Skin Tones” Switch

All the clean style characters start out without the skin tones visible. You can change that with a single click. Simply flip the “Show skin tones” toggle in the toolbar on the right, and you’ll see skin tone and hair colors visible on all people and character images instantly. Then you can scroll through both the illustration image bank and the character image bank and have fun exploring a dynamic mix of people to create a video that best reflects your audience..

You can easily turn on the skin tone option.

Pro tip: If you need to show a variety of people in one image, try using key words like “group” or “team” in the illustration search box.


4. Explore Character Style Options

Diversity has a lot of meanings and while a variety of character traits may be the most obvious to include in your videos, how people are portrayed also bears consideration. That’s why simpleshow video maker allows you to see characters in both casual and business attire easily. To the right of the characters section in the toolbar, you’ll see a building icon (for suits and business attire) and a house icon (for casual clothes). This is important because it allows you to show different people in various roles.

Pro tip: Once you’ve laid out all your images,  you can see how many people are shown in suits and how many are shown in casual clothes. What is the breakdown in terms of diversity? Does that breakdown best reflect your company so that there is fair representation of people in executive roles versus entry roles?


 5. Update Your Old Videos

Including all different types of people in your videos will help more viewers connect with your message. Go beyond using more diversity in the new videos you create. Take a look at your backlist of earlier projects in your simpleshow video maker account. Are there specific videos for training and/or orientation that get used and recycled all the time? If they are in clean style, this is a great opportunity to update them with our more diverse selection of character illustrations.

Pro tip: When updating old projects with new characters, you don’t have to start from scratch. Just click on the pencil icon to edit the project and you’ll be taken to the Visualize stage of creation, where you can select the exact image in each scene that you want to change. Just make sure the “Show skin tones” toggle is on to see characters in full color.


Get Started Today

See what simpleshow video maker can do to add diversity to your videos. It’s fun. It’s easy. Even better: it’s something you can do today to show your audience that your company is one that prioritizes diversity. Sign in to explore the many options. If you don’t have a simpleshow video maker account, now’s a great time to sign up.