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10 Ideas for Great Video Content

Video content is a fantastic way to generate more search traffic and also to connect with your target audience. It is a highly effective way to create brand awareness. Content videos can be put on your own website or posted on Social Media platforms where they can easily be shared.



We have selected the following ten content video ideas that you can use to connect with your target audience:


1. About-us Video

Consumers want to know who they are dealing with! So, create a short video in which you communicate what you are all about. What is your vision? What is your mission? How do you achieve company goals? You may even include a small peep behind the scenes to show company culture. Essentially the about-us video should simply answer the question “Who are you?”.

2. Product Video

Definitely have a video that showcases your product! Briefly highlight the benefits of using the product. People are much more likely to get on board once they have viewed a product, as it gives them a clearer understanding of what is on offer! This may be the video that you need to feature on the first page of an internet search tool!


3. Demo Video

Make a demo video to show how your product is used. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make the demo video based on what they may want to know when first using your product. There may be unique features that you need to focus on, or simply show ease of use. Whatever you show make sure that your product stands out among rival brands.


4. Behind-the-scenes Video

Make targets feel special by inviting them to view what is going on behind the scenes in your company. A glimpse behind the scenes shows how you work, introduces employees, and reveals company culture. These all work together to give people a sense of familiarity and therefore generates trust in your company and its operations.


5. Team Video

A team of employees.

Introduce your team to targets so that they may feel more at ease doing business with you. Viewers that are familiarized with the members of your team feel that they can trust those behind the scenes and this gives them a sense of security. It also makes the consumer feel that you are more approachable, because they have met the team behind the product.


6. Testimonial Video

From a consumer’s perspective, it is often not that easy to decide which product to go for. However, a testimonial video may just sway a target to choose your brand rather than a competitor’s. Customer testimonial videos can give targets peace of mind as they get to know what others think of your product and possibly also get a sense of product satisfaction and after sales services. Personal recommendations by fellow consumers make a big difference!


7. Seasonal Video

Make sure that you make use of the advantages of seasonal celebrations! You can start with prominent ones like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. – create a short brand awareness video build around the seasonal event. It can be a greeting, a promotion for that time of the year or simply an interesting fact about the event with a link to your brand.


8. Event Video

If you have any conferences or special events coming up in the near future make an info video, or even an invitation video, that creates excitement and at the same time creates brand awareness! Alternatively, give an event update: after the event give a short video report that covers the event in brief and shows the highlights of the event. Moreover, if you hold regular events and conferences these can be announced in the form of a short video calendar that gives brief details, dates and venues.


9. Expert Video

A video that features an industry expert, interviewed by your company, highlights your own credibility in your field. The expert can be one of your own team members, or even an expert from outside. This type of content video can also show that you keep at the top of your game as you portray an active interest in the innovative latest developments in your field through contact with industry experts.


10. Informative Videos

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To give viewers a bit of extra information about a topic in your field is a great content marketing strategy. People are curious and want to learn, without being overwhelmed with loads of information. So, consider which topics your targets may be interested in and give them short informative videos or even how-to videos that they will enjoy. It may overtly involve the use of your product, or your product may simply feature briefly in the video. All that matters is that brand awareness is realized.