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simpleshow Story Generator

Discover the future of reliable AI-powered video creation with the simpleshow Story Generator. Learn directly from our product development team all of the tips and tricks for creating professional video scripts with the simpleshow Story Generator and how Generative AI is impacting business.

During this event you'll learn:

How Generative AI is shaping the future of content creations
What makes the simpleshow Story Generator different than other generative AI technologies
How to work within the platform and easily create the perfect explainer video script

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Questions from our viewers

Absolutely, the Story Generator always involves a human in the loop. AI language models have limitations and can be biased. As a user, you always have the option to edit the script completely. As an alternative, you can also write the script from scratch.

You can regenerate the script as many times as you’d like.

No, all of the fields do not need to be filled out, however the more details you provide the better the script will be!

The Story Generator creates scripts using the simpleshow storytelling methodology. However, if you’d like to create a script that doesn’t use this format, you can select the option to write your own script.

No, if a business chooses to have the Story Generator option turned off, it will be off for the entire account.

The maximum number of characters in a script generated by the Story Generator is 2750.

We believe in microlearning, and we recommend scripts to be about 2 minutes. However, the maximum length of the script is about 4 minutes.

Yes! simpleshow creates a video draft at the click of a button, which you can edit with a few simple steps.

 Your input is never used to train the language model.

Your input for prompt generation is retained by OpenAI for the purpose of abuse and misuse monitoring for up to 30 days, then deleted. It is not public in any way.

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