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Our simpleshow explainer competence meets complex topics, which are important for businesses today. Our explainer videos enable you to stay on top of topics like the new EU data protection regulation and agile companies. Thus you may focus on your main business and get your company on track for the future!

Explore the power of storytelling for your business and learn how to capture your audience’s attention. Download our whitepaper and infographic free of charge.

You want to know how simplicity can make your business more efficient and successful? Our explanation experts will introduce you to the art of simple business communication. Enjoy!

Die besten Kreativitätstechniken für Ihr Unternehmen

Want to know how to boost creativity in your team? Here you will discover the best creativity technique for your company.

Digitalisation is moving forward. Numerous areas of the living and working world are already affected by this – find out more about the development of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation!

Digital learning approaches have enormous potential in in-company training and further education. Discover contemporary learning methods and the opportunities that result from them.

Agile companies: We explain the approach and advantages of agile companies. Our explainer video shows how you can optimize internal structures and processes with SCRUM or design thinking.

Do you know how much money poor communication can cost your company? And why is it important for companies to be good explainers? Find out here why companies need effective explanation!

Explainer videos generate significant learning effects: First representative study compares different formats and its influences in Germany and the USA. Teaser: simpleshow wins!

Innovations are our trademark: For the 10th birthday of simpleshow we invite you to a fantastic journey into the world of storytelling – Explore the new world of explanation in 3D!

The new general data protection regulation of the European Union (EU GDPR): We put the key facts on straight for 570 million citizens and all companies of EU!

Learn how to restore a new normality, which steps and measures you can take, and how to use a crisis to make positive changes within your organization in our whitepaper. 

Eine menschliche Hand und eine Roboterhand

Find out what artificial intelligence actually entails and what forms and applications occur in the corporate context in our whitepaper.

Learn how to manage your communication in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in our whitepaper. Download it now free of charge.

simpleshow's mascot as a wiyard creating a video to enhance sales and marketing efforts

Get to know our DIY video creator simpleshow video maker Enterprise! simpleshow video maker makes it easy to create your own explainer videos for your company: Fast, simple, professional!

simpleshow has grown from a start-up to market leader for explainer videos thanks to our innovative formats and competence in explaining: We celebrate the 10th birthday of simpleshow!

Get some simple and international recipes for creative cooking. Get creative in the kitchen and learn how to prepare delicious meals using a few simple ingredients.

The Coronavirus is affecting work life, family life, and everyday routines. Our explanation experts™ are working hard to simplify special topics surrounding COVID-19.