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Get to know our explainer platform.

You’ve known us for nearly 15 years as the explanation experts who turn your complex topics into engaging, easy-to-understand explainer videos and interactive learning nuggets. However, simpleshow can now do a lot more. Get to know our explainer platform!

Create explainer videos in minutes!

Create explainer videos in just minutes. It’s simple!

Explainer videos more efficient than PowerPoint presentations.

Make a bigger impact than you would with PowerPoint! Whatever the reason and whatever the topic – use the power and efficiency of videos.

Make your videos shine with our add on services.

Elevate your videos with professional add-ons.

Enhance your corporate communication with explainer videos. The simpleshow explainer platform combines the world’s simplest video maker with professional services – all at a glance, for you and your team.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Intuitive creation of explainer videos on any topic – on one central platform
  • Simplicity thanks to artificial intelligence that almost magically transforms your text into a fully illustrated and animated video. We can’t think of a faster and easier way to create explainer videos.
  • Automated “magic” video creation in more than 20 languages
  • Individual design options that match your branding
  • Ability to quickly and easily update videos as needed
  • Easy access to professional services from our explanation experts and creative team
  • Clean team processes and collaboration on video projects
  • Support and assistance from the simpleshow experts
  • Explainer videos for any topic

    You don’t need previous knowledge or special design talent. No matter what the topic, the communication challenge, or the complexity of your message – with simpleshow, you will reach your target group.

    What do you want to explain? A change process in your company? Your product? Or do you want to present your corporate goals? Here are just a few examples:


    In the past, an explainer video was reserved for a few strategic topics and occasions, but now you can create a video message for really any topic in just a few minutes.

    Find all the tools you need to create your explainer videos quickly and easily (in one place!) on video maker.

    Here’s how:

    On our platform, you will find narrative structures, instructions, and examples for every topic.

    On our platform, you will find narrative structures, instructions, and examples for every topic. These templates make it easy for you to turn your messages into a professional video script. We base everything on proven and scientifically tested methods such as complexity reduction, storytelling and memorable images.

    The simpleshow video maker uses artificial intelligence – our so-called “explainer engine” – to transform your topic into a vivid explainer video. Your text is semantically analyzed, automatically illustrated and assembled into a perfectly coordinated explanatory video including animation, voiceover and music soundtrack. With simple editing options, you can adapt your video in seconds, use your own visuals or add your own voiceover.

    In addition to content that actually resonates, you can also personalize the look and feel of your video. Do you like it more factual and clean or colorful and entertaining? Discover a wide range of possibilities that our explainer platform offers you.

    If you need support with video creation, our team of experts is always here to help. . Would you like to have your video dubbed by a professional speaker, do you need individual graphics or interactive elements? Thanks to our service options, there’s almost nothing we can’t make possible!

    Our platform allows you exclusive access to professional add on services.

    What our customers say

    “With the help of the simpleshow video maker videos, we have been able to dramatically increase the interest of our IT colleagues in our methods. We have seen an 80% increase of accesses to our methods showroom. We particularly like the extremely user-friendly operation of the tool and the many possibilities to visualize and vocalize our topics. A smart application!”

    Martin Rolf, Head of IT Methods & Training, Miele & Cie. KG

    “We are extremely satisfied with our simpleshow video. The project was a huge success and has made our lives easier.”

    Werner Schwabe, Siemens AG

    “A fantastic and unique way to deliver a product message or create a learning module in an easy to understand and engaging way.”

    Ruben Reyes, Genentech

    The power of simplicity

    Explaining complex topics in a simple way is our core expertise – that’s simpleshow. We have been successfully using our methodology for almost 15 years – initially as a fully service agency , and for several years now also in the simpleshow video maker.

    The power of simplicity is always at the heart of every simpleshow. A good explainer video manages to explain a complex topic in less than three minutes with the help of comprehensible images so that the target group understands the messages. This makes it even 65% more efficient than PowerPoint presentations!

    With the help of storytelling, the information stays in the mind longer, because the brain stores facts particularly well when they are linked to emotions. The combination of audio and video has also been proven to improve information absorption.

    With simpleshow, your core messages reach their target effectively and sustainably.

    In short: With simpleshow, your core messages reach their target effectively and sustainably. No matter the topic, no matter the size of your audience. The next time you write a lengthy email or open your presentation program, think how much more effective and efficient your message will be with an explainer video!

    From “we explain” to “anyone can explain”.

    From "we explain" to "anyone can explain anything"

    We are true explainer video pioneers. Founded in 2008 with the idea of explaining complex topics simply, simpleshow quickly became the international market leader for the creation of explainer videos. The company grew rapidly and soon opened locations in Berlin, London, Miami, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Over the past 14 years, we have produced thousands of videos for our clients and convinced many well-known brands. Our expertise from these many explainer video projects is reflected in simpleshow video maker.

    For several years, we explored ways to make our methodology accessible to everyone. The idea: anyone can create concise, motivating, and memorable explainer videos without any special prior knowledge – with the help of intelligent technology and a smart product concept. In 2016 this became a reality. We released the first beta version of our simpleshow video maker, at that time still under the name “mysimpleshow”.

    Since that time, thousands of the largest companies worldwide have adopted simpleshow video maker.

    Since that time, thousands of the largest companies worldwide have adopted simpleshow video maker and continue to create engaging messages that actually resonate using the simpleshow platform. In addition to the simpleshow video maker, customers can also find our expert service there. In total, over two million videos have already been created and more are being created every day!

    We look forward to breaking new ground with you and are excited to see many great videos! What would you like to explain?