simpleshow: Make Sure Your Explanatory Video is the Original

Stuttgart, 14 February 2013. Copycats will stop at nothing – handbags, t-shirts, car tires, and even explanatory videos. In just under four minutes a simpleshow video explains “why we should rely on the original”. It also shows the damage product piracy can do, both for the individual and for the economy.
At first glance it looks tempting. The copy looks just like the original and costs significantly less. So why not go for it? On further scrutiny it is clear that the copy can seldom match the original, and in some products the poorer quality even poses a risk – quite apart from the fact that the consumer may be committing an offence by purchasing a counterfeit. A simpleshow to be shown at the 2013 Plagiarius Award ceremony will explain why it is better to rely on the original.
In a few minutes viewers learn all they need to know on the subject. simpleshow uses the tried and trusted paper-laying technique. What you see are drawings, two hands and a well-designed combination of images and soundtrack. “We set a market standard for explanatory videos of this kind and that naturally attracts copycats,” says simpleshow GmbH CEO Detlev Weise. Founded in 2008, the company was an explanatory video pioneer and is now the market leader. “That is why plagiarism and copycats are an important issue for us as a company,” he adds, “and why we set great store by being the original.”
It is also why the company sets high quality standards. They include thorough training and certification of its international team members. The production process is soundly based, methodical, and scalable. simpleshows explain a great deal of knowledge in minutes and do so entertainingly even on complicated issues. Scientific studies and expert opinions testify to the learning effect. “The positive feedback from our clients also shows that they appreciate the original,” Weise says.
simpleshow has produced an explanatory clip on the subject of copycats for Plagiarius. Premiered at the award ceremony in Frankfurt am Main, it will then be available online (in German: and englisch: and shown at different events and at the Plagiarius Museum. “We are delighted that simpleshow is supporting our fight against plagiarism. The explanatory video is entertaining and pinpoints the problem in an easily understandable way,” says Christine Lacroix, Vice-President, Museum Plagiarius e.V.