mysimpleshow is blooming for springtime: individual options for all video purposes

Berlin, Germany, 20 April 2017 – the market leader for professional explainer video production, simpleshow, just released another newly improved version of its online video making tool, mysimpleshow. Users can create quality simpleshow-style, animated papermation videos online in just minutes. The use of mysimpleshow is still free. However, there are now options for every type of user to further personalize the video creation experience, whether they come from an educational or business background, or use the tool for personal purposes. New account types, account features, and a German language version are available on

mysimpleshow’s ‘Explainer Engine’ has been further tailored to provide users with a simple way to create even better videos using the new features in respective account types. Additional characters, image effects, background music and voiceover choices, closing frame and watermark options, multi-user accounts, and access to the simpleshow service team are just some of the options provided in the new account types.

After nine successful years of international business, the new version of mysimpleshow is simpleshow’s path to providing various target audiences options to personalize a valuable resource for explanation through video creation. The application that has been launched in summer of 2016, is currently used by about 100,000 users.