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Discover the future of video production with simpleshow’s new motion format! Learn directly from our product development team all of the tips and tricks for creating more engaging and impactful explainer videos.

During the masterclass you'll learn:

Why motion enhances explainer videos
All about the new animated illustrations, frames, and effects
How to work within the platform and create incredible animated videos

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Discover additional resources

Video with motion example

Check out the sample video that our product team shared during the live demo

simpleshow motion overview

Want to dig deeper into the new simpleshow motion format? Check out our blog to learn more!

Questions from our viewers

Yes, you can always edit an existing project and add motion. 

Absolutely! We have several features that allow you to match your corporate identity.

Currently we can’t translate, but we do recommend using subtitles with the translation or copying the projecting and creating a new voice over in the finalize stage.

Images and icons can only be saved in individual projects. You can find them under the “used illustration gallery.”

Yes, there is a toggle on all of the animated images that allows you to make it static.
Yes! Our platform has a very diverse variety of characters available. This includes those with handicaps.

You can add animated effects, overlays and highlights to any image including custom images.

Yes, you can upload static images and create your own background.

You can add animated effects, overlays and highlights to any image including uploaded images.

No, frames and highlights do not count as an element.

Yes, there is an option to show a grid while creating your video.

Yes, you can add text instead of an image. This is great words that are difficult to visualize. You can also add subtitles to your presentation.

Motion is available in both Classic and Clean styles but there are more in the clean style.

Yes, you can update an existing video and add motion. Just edit the video as normal, and select keywords with static images and search for animated images.

Yes, you can add a different background for each scene.

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