How to use the benefits of simpleshow video maker in your company!

simpleshow video maker is really neat, we all agreed on that, and we’re sure you’ve already used it to create some great explainer videos by now. But are you sure that you’re familiar with all the possible applications available to summarize topics in an attractive manner with a self-created simpleshow?


Various use cases!

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The use of video content as a learning resource makes your professional development both multimedia-based and scalable. From a didactic standpoint, explainer videos offer a wide range of benefits. Not only do they make it easier to familiarize yourself with new topics, they’re also perfect for summarizing newly acquired knowledge in video form for purposes of practice and consolidation. Furthermore, videos are also easy to integrate within your LMS system. This gives you a simple summary of the viewer and click counts as well as the current state of your employees’ knowledge.

Their short duration also makes explainer videos ideally suited to the formats used in contemporary, so-called new learning, for example, for mobile learning on the go or brief learning nuggets on the side—entirely in keeping with the micro learning approach.


Internal Communication

Quick, effective and easy: These are the hallmarks of good intra-corporate communication—simultaneously constituting the key arguments in favor of the use of explainer videos.

This is because in just a few minutes they’re capable of communicating what would otherwise require numerous paragraphs of text. You can also counter long, tiresome e-mails efficiently by getting your personnel up to speed with explainer videos—which frequently have a lasting effect on their education level! Finally, knowledge imparted in audio-visual form is easier to remember. What’s more, explainer videos are accessible 24/7 and are available almost everywhere thanks to mobile devices.


Change Management

Today’s working environment is characterized by constant change, frequent upheavals and an apparently endless stream of new legal restrictions. As a result, companies are required to communicate change processes to their staff as early and as attractively as possible. This is important in order to be able to integrate new processes into the company without encountering significant problems or necessitating investments. Rapid information transfer is also crucial in order to effectively counter fear, discontent or uncertainties amongst employees.

Explainer videos are the perfect tool to respond to these challenges. They communicate change management topics in a simple, entertaining way, address your employees’ fears and thus boost their acceptance and motivation.


Training & professional development

It’s essential to provide staff with continual support and opportunities for professional development to keep a company on track. This is the only way to harness current trends optimally and to create experienced specialists and keep them within the company long term.

To ensure that your employees receive the appropriate training, you should take account of their reception habits. These are digital nowadays and strongly influenced by the consumption of images and videos. If you manage to find a suitable way to address your employees—via interactive explainer videos, for example—they’ll thank you with quicker, more sustainable learning success and improved performance and development. So everyone’s a winner!


Marketing & Sales

A cleverly placed video is undeniably the best way to consolidate the success of your marketing campaign. Higher click counts and an improved search engine rating will confirm the truth of this. In addition, people love sharing a good video on social media! So your customers will be bound to notice your product in no time at all. Ideally, you’ll even generate viral effects, which will ensure awareness of your product goes through the roof.


External corporate communication

Not only do explainer videos give your company’s corporate image an effective internal revamp, but this will also impact on its external impression. Brief corporate videos are quick and easy to create with simpleshow video maker and can introduce your company to the outside world in a charming way. They demonstrate creativity and emphasize the transparency of your company. Show the world what makes you and your team unique!


Improve your conversion rate

Are you asking yourself how you can boost your online presence to extend the time customers spend on your website? Explainer videos come in handy here too! Studies reveal exponential growth in the time spent on a website if video content supports a company’s online presentation.


Optimized customer service

Is your inbox overflowing with queries about your product? Even the most carefully-prepared FAQs can’t serve their purpose if no one reads them— and that’s more often the case than you think! Fortunately, explainer videos are ideal for explaining your product and its functions and are also a far more popular resource than conventional text FAQs. Take advantage of this tool and showcase your product descriptions in the form of short videos on your website. You’ll soon see a dramatic drop in customer queries, promise!


Advertise your products and services

Is customer acquisition your primary objective? A simpleshow video is an innovative, easy way of showcasing the benefits of your products and services. Attract your target group with videos customized to its individual needs, and create eye-catching content guaranteed to spark interest in your company and your products. simpleshow video maker is the ideal way to make these goals reality.


Social Media

A well-maintained presence on social media channels is our modern-day product catalog. While Instagram concentrates primarily on images and Twitter is circumscribed by a character limit, explainer videos offer the ideal combination: Here, language and image are united to impart your content. Not only do your messages reach their intended audience more effectively, they are also stored more reliably. A further positive side effect is that videos are available quickly and thus reach a larger number of viewers and customers. Particularly via social media.


More specific, please!

Here you’ll find other suggestions for strategies to harness the potential
for explainer videos for your company – and they’re as specific as we could make them.

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Here are five innovative ways of incorporating
a simpleshow into your presentations.


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Like it casual?

If none of the above floated your boat, how about a simpleshow video maker as an imaginative birthday greeting, Mother’s Day gift or company send-off? You’re guaranteed to get plenty of kudos, not to mention gratitude, by substituting the usual slide show for an entertaining explainer video at the next wedding or office party. The combination of uploaded photos and scribbles from the simpleshow video maker database generates fantastic, amusing effects—try it out!