How do I create a video with simpleshow video maker?

simpleshow video maker provides you with a unique, new way of video making. We have taken all our experience of over 8 years in explainer video creation and developed an easy-to-use video maker that guides you through a simple process.

The most important lesson learned: ‘a great video needs a great script’. Easier said than done, huh. Don’t worry, we do our best to support you when you write your script. You can choose from a variety of Storyline templates that we created for various topics. These storylines give your video structure and provide you with easy-to-follow guidance and examples.

Afterwards, our Explainer Engine will suggest illustrations from our database to visualize your story, it creates a storyboard, and with just a few clicks your video is finished.

simpleshow video maker is the only video making tool, that will not bother you with timelines, keyframes or endless animation timing – we do all of this auto-magically.