How do I use the PowerPoint import?

It’s possible to use PowerPoint presentations as a basis for your explainer video script.

Please note the technical restrictions:

 – Only use .ppt and .pptx format

 – Maximum presentation file size is 50 MB

 – Your PowerPoint presentation is limited to 20 Slides


simpleshow video maker analyzes your presentation and identifies relevant text content for your script.

Your text will be automatically divided into several chapters.

For orientation, you can always check your original slides on the right side .



There are  4 options to edit your script:

1. Change and rewrite text

2. Delete whole text-boxes

3. Rearrange text-boxes

4. Add new text-boxes

In case you exceed the limit of 2750 characters in total, you need to shorten your text.

However, don’t worry, deleted chapters can easily be restored.