Can I make my video in multiple languages?

Yes, you can! You can do this in multiple ways:

Choose Language

simpleshow video maker currently works in English and German. You can choose your video language at the beginning of the video creation process. 

Write In Various Languages

In the write step, you can create your video in any language. However, the tool may not be able to identify all of your keywords, but you can choose your keywords and images manually. If you go this route, be sure to record your own voiceover or upload a professional voiceover. 

Edit On-Screen Subtitle Language

Depending on your simpleshow video maker subscription, on-screen video subtitles can be edited in the Finalize phase. For example, if you create your initial video in English but quickly need a Spanish version, you can make a copy of the English video from your videos dashboard, go to the Finalize phase, and edit the subtitles so they show up in Spanish.