Internal Communication Case Study

Explainer videos for effective employee retention and sustainable relationships

BMW Group’s internal communications team was looking for an innovative way to reach their employees, not only informing, but actively involving them in the company’s processes. By adding simpleshow explainer videos to their toolbox, they reshaped their communication making the employees feel heard and appreciated.

About BMW Group

With over 30 manufacturing locations and a global sales network, the BMW Group is one of the world’s leading premium manufacturers of motor vehicles, as well as a provider of premium financial and mobility services.

HQ Location:

Munich, Germany



Company Size:

149.475 employees
What we liked most about simpleshow video maker is that it is super straightforward and simple. It’s fun to create innovative and creative videos on a variety of topics. The videos are also very well received by our employees.
Melanie Bruckmoser
Internal Communications

What are your challenges?

Traditional communication tools like emails or long-written memos are often overlooked when it comes to internal communications. We were searching for a solution that would allow our managers to create short, snappy, and visually appealing messages for our employees quickly. We wanted to give our employees a sense of belonging and appreciation through innovative solutions.

How did simpleshow help?

The simpleshow video maker has proven to be a fast and efficient solution in this regard. Without in-depth technical knowledge, it can be used to create impactful messages quickly, which are more personal and targeted thanks to storytelling and animations. The simpleshow videos are very well received by our employees because they show them that the company is using innovative ways to communicate with them more effectively. It’s not just about informing them but actively involving them in the company’s processes and showing them that their opinion and input is valued.

How do you use simpleshow?

We use simpleshow video maker to create videos to show appreciation for our employees, to explain internal company processes, and procedures at the workplace, and to make announcements for special occasions. For example, we created a video for the beginning of the summer season.

What do you value about simpleshow?

Versatile application areas

Simplicity and ease-of-use

Creative realization of ideas

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