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12 Tips How To Work Productively From Home During Coronavirus

With the number of COVID-19 cases skyrocketing and the mandatory self-isolation enforced by governments around the world, companies have adjusted to the pandemic by asking their employees to work from home. But while some people have been working remotely way before the COVID-19 outbreak, not everyone knows how to work productively from home. 

So, first things first, make sure you are waking up as you would typically do and eating breakfast before you take on your day. Wanna know how else to stay productive while working from home? Here are 12 tips to get you started: 

1. Dress Up For Work

This is our first tip because you must get your mind and body prepared for the task you are about to undertake. Dressing accordingly puts your mind and body in the work mode, because ultimately, how you look is how you feel. Now, you may not have to put on makeup or wear your most uncomfortable jeans, but to work productively from home, you need to put on work-appropriate clothes to signal to your brain that “Hey, it’s time for work.”

2. Designate A Particular Space In Your House For Work

So, if you have a family, everyone will be at home this period. Distractions can come into play, or boundaries can get blurred with children wanting to play with you or your partner requesting your attention. By designating a particular space in your house as your workspace, you will manage to be productive at home. This tip also applies to people who live alone. 
Another reason you should dedicate a particular place in your house to working is that it trains your brain to know anytime you go there, it is time for work.

3. Have A Structured Time Plan

Before COVID-19 happened and forced you to work from home, you probably got directives from your boss on task to complete, so you didn’t have to make plans for yourself (if you are the boss, then you’ve got this step mastered). But with all the distractions that come with working from home, having a structured time plan will help you stay on top of things you have to do without a supervisor looking over your shoulder. Some tips to note when creating your plan:

  • Input frequent mini-breaks into your plan where you can stretch or do some little house chores. This will help give your brain a rest.
  • Make sure you map out time for your lunch 
  • Plan your day like you would a 9-5, and ensure your workday ends by 5 pm.


4. Let Your 9-5 Be A 9-5

We touched on this point earlier. It is easy to get carried away when working from home (starting your day too late or ending it too late or too early), but be careful because you do not want your productivity deterred in any way. Start your workday as you usually would, and end it as you usually would. This will ensure that you maximize the time you do have for work and other aspects of your life. 

5. Work With Colleagues

Just because you are working from home during this COVID-19 crisis doesn’t mean you are working alone. Chances are, you have projects you are undertaking with colleagues, so ensure you communicate with them regularly. Luckily for us, we live in a world where technology has made communication very easy and stress-free for us. So, we advise you to use Facetime, Skype, or even video conferencing to maximize productivity while working from home.

6. Spend A Few Minutes Every Day Organizing Your Space

So you worked as your self-proclaimed designated workspace the night before, and it’s a new day, spend a little time clearing and organizing your space before you get to work. Some people don’t know how to work from home, so what we don’t need in our space are distractions from yesterday’s work. Clearing out your space can leave you energized and have you feeling in control, thus improving your productivity. 


7. Dress Up For Virtual Business Meetings

Yes, we are all working from home, but no, that doesn’t mean you have to show up for your virtual business meetings looking like a slob. Dressing up for your virtual meetings is non-debatable. Take some time to get ready and make sure you look professional. Also, by tidying up your background and removing any distractions, you ensure that people don’t get distracted from the purpose of the virtual meeting.

8. Find A Work-buddy

A lot of remote workers such as writers from writing services review websites like Best Writes Online, Fiverr, and so on use this tip a lot. Getting a work buddy can help you be more productive especially if the other person is focused. This could be as simple as having someone working on their end on Facetime, and you doing the same. It will help you stay focused to know that you aren’t alone, and your work-buddy is hard at work.

9. How To Manage Your Team Productively From Home

So you are a team leader or project manager, and for you to do your job effectively, you have to manage several people remotely. A few things you need to remember to manage your team productively are:

  • The COVID-19 is affecting people in different ways; therefore, show empathy for your team members and show interest in their individual lives. 
  • Leading from home is the same thing as leading from an office building; you are just doing it remotely. Take your leadership methods and see how you can apply them remotely.
  • Trust that your team members are accountable, and will take their job seriously (i.e., don’t micromanage them)
  • Understand that not everyone knows how to work from home so that it will take a little getting used to.


10. Practice Self-care To Work Productively From Home

While self-care is essential in any and every situation, it is even more needed during the COVID-19 crisis. You may experience anxiety and uncertainty of what the future holds, but taking some time each day for yourself to meditate or focus on yourself can boost your work productivity significantly. 


11. Get A Routine

Now, this is not the same as planning out your day. A routine is more like doing set things at a particular time each day. Going to bed at a set time, waking up at a set time, and eating or exercising at a set time. It is easy for people to take this period as a time of letting go and resting (which isn’t a bad thing), but work needs to be done. 
Planning a routine will help you not only be more productive when you work but also ensure that you find it easy to assimilate back into society when the crisis ends.

12. Remember, Everyone Works Differently

So, you have tried all these steps, and you still can’t master how to work productively from home? Well, remember that everyone is different. Not everyone is built to work from home, and if you are taking time to adjust, that is okay. Try different things to boost your productivity and concentration, and you will find what works for you. Some people work best from their bed because that is where they are most comfortable, and that is okay.



These are just a few things to consider when trying to work productively from home. Implementing any of these tips into your work schedule will boost your productivity level. The most important thing to remember is to be consistent in doing whichever of our tips you choose and see the results show. 


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