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How videos help your crowdfunding campaign

Using videos to help crowdfunding campaigns is becoming increasingly popular. Entrepreneurial ventures including creative projects, travel, medical expenses, and social entrepreneurship projects are using crowdfunding campaign websites to help spread their cause.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding describes the usage of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance various new business ventures. The modern kickstart model is now often performed via Internet platforms that serve as a base to attract investors and sell the project to the audience.

With the launch of the ideas through an online based format, an increased possibility arises to present it digitally, and this is where the idea of video implementation arises. However, there are concerns in terms of video quality. Many feel unprofessional or uneducated in this digital domain as they have no experience producing a professional video that will positively influence the campaign. Fortunately, the Internet provides tools such as mysimpleshow that don’t require previous experience or education in video creation, simplifying the process so everyone can create a professional explainer video. But how exactly does a video help to attract more investors and boost the launch of ideas?

Setting yourself apart

As the number of campaign projects increases daily, you must think of a way to set yourself apart and present your idea in a way that grasps people’s attention to create an inner urge to be a part of your project by funding it. Videos are a great way to do just that. According to kickstarter’s research, they recognized an increased rate of funded projects by 50% that included videos while projects without it had a rate of 30%. The overall success rate was around 40%, indicating ‘above average’ success regarding video inclusion.

Being yourself

Authenticity is one of the key factors that will lead to a successful launch as people tend to have an innate tendency to be captured by authentic, meaningful, and relatable content. People naturally feel an urge to add support when enthusiasm and your story sharing are authentically provided. Video thus provides an effective platform to do so. Also, remember that you want to give something back to your supporter, so be transparent and think about your investors when creating the video. Emphasize that any funding, regardless of the amount, is beneficial for the campaign.


A video allows for a variety of presentation options that are easily adaptable. It is not necessary to show yourself on the screen if you prefer not to, as mysimpleshow and other tools allow for the representation on a more abstract level, yet keeping the personal touch. Provided templates keep you from getting off track. Whatever form of video you decide on, make sure to use the provided support by whatever tool you select – your audience will thank you for it.


Including videos allows your visitors to get a more precise picture of your idea. Video builds interest and provides an engaging introduction. Page visitors can click on more details to learn about the various aspects of your launch. Counteracting clicking through a series of static images, you allow for a series in motion that is researched to be more effective as your project can be seen in action.

Key Points for Creating an Effective Video

A video of bad quality or lack of content will not get you anywhere, so make sure to keep a few framing points in mind when considering its usage:

Length: It is crucial to keep it short and simple and leave out unnecessary information. Stick to the main message and use simple language to capture and grab attention by your audience.

Hook: The first seconds are essential to get possible investors hooked on your project. Start your script with a capturing headline to spark an interest.

Script: Tell a story! Make use of storytelling to inspire and build a relationship with your audience.

Visuals: Whether you film yourself or use explainer engines, thinking in symbols may benefit your concept and using images that possess a recognition value are highly recommendable.

Planning your next crowdfunding event yet? Keep these benefits in mind when setting up your campaign project. Videos allow for a wide range of capabilities to boost the funding and bring you one step closer to achieving your goal!