Best Video Marketing Tricks for Your Business in 2020

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Statistics gathered by Wyzowl revealed that in 2019 87% of businesses have used video content in their marketing strategies. A majority of these businesses, around 91%, believed that video marketing is critical in their marketing efforts.

Here are some of the best video marketing tricks that you can employ in your marketing efforts.

Tell a Story that Directly Relates to Your Product

People watch motion pictures primarily because they want to know what the story is all about. A video has an emotive power that can appeal to the sentiments of viewers. Use this power and appeal to the desires and needs of your target market. A direct selling approach is a thing of the past. You can sell your product indirectly by telling a story.

Make an Introduction That Will Catch their Attention

Studies have shown that one fifth of viewers stops a video within 10 secods. In other words, you only have 10 seconds to catch and hold the attention of your target audience. Think of an introduction that will startle, surprise or even shock your audience. 

Apart from catching your audience’s attention, your introduction should also be entertaining, inspiring or informative. Make it in such a way as they will desire to view the whole video of your product.

Focus on How Your Product Can Solve their Problems

Don’t just show what your product can do but how it can make their lives easier. It is very tempting to just showcase your product and all its features. You know what your product can do that will be most beneficial to your customers. Concentrate on that and you will hold their attention.

How about to explain the strenght of your product? Do you need support by an explainer video? Learn more about the market leader for professional explainer video production. 

Make Your Video Mobile Friendly

A majority of consumers today use their mobile gadgets to search for information regarding their needs. These include the products that they want to buy. Video statistics from YouTube show that video consumption increases every year by 100%. You need to produce videos that your target market could download and play on their mobile gadgets.  

Use the Videos That Were Posted by Your Customers

Word-of-mouth is the best marketing strategy that you can use because prospective buyers are easily convinced by customer testimonials. So use the videos created by your customers about your product. You can also create videos that show them talking about how your product has made their lives easier.


You can spread your product videos in a matter of days if you will charge them with emotions. That is the real objective of video marketing. You need to produce creative videos that tag at the emotions of your audience if you want to overcome your competitors.

Don’t miss out on this very handy Infographic about video marketing tricks!