8 types of video for sales prospecting

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The primary goal of sales prospecting is to identify leads as prospects – targets that are very likely to become customers because they definitely have a need and show an interest in your product. Once you have identified prospects you have the benefit of focussing your marketing efforts on converting them!

The best way to identify prospects is to use video. Consider making use of the following types of video to effectively sift through leads and discover valued prospects:

1. Support videos

The video that can effectively be used for sales prospecting should not be one that portrays you as solely looking to make a sale! Genuine support, rather than a push for a sale, is needed. This type of video needs to provide potential solutions to problems that your target audience may experience. Include the latest trends and best practices in your field. This does not only help your lead but also draws attention to your company as a problem solver! So, make use of videos that support rather than trying to sell!

sales prospecting with explainer videos

2. Referral videos

People are greatly swayed by word-of-mouth recommendations. Use this tendency in your prospecting video, by asking trusted customers to provide you with a referral. Also get permission to use their name and feedback in your marketing content. Then ask your customers if they know anyone else in their network who may be interested in your product. Conduct sales prospecting by sending the referral videos to those contacts that customers have given to you as being potentially interested. When they see familiar faces or names in the video they are more likely to be interested.

3. Reminder videos

A short introductory video, that reminds leads of your existence, may help to show you who valued prospects are! The video needs to offer your availability anew. It needs to show that you are there for your customers whenever they need you. Show the real you and give a short video summary of your product. Offer product-specific information, including prices. The video also needs to provide clear contact details. Those who consider making a purchase will value this type of video and show themselves to be prospects.

4. Demonstration video

A product demonstration video may just be the nudge needed to convince leads who consider buying. A demonstration video may engage them fully and help them to decide if your product is what they are looking for. Leads can see for themselves how to use your product and what benefits it gives. This video serves to re-connect with leads and to prospect for real buyers.

videos have many benefits for sales prospecting

5. Background video

At trade shows or fairs make sure that you have a product video that plays in the background in your stall. Watch closely who hovers around paying an interest in the video content. This may be an indication that he / she truly has an interest in what is shown and may be a prospect. Be ready to discuss your product and answer any questions and make sure that you get their contact details!

6. Question video

Send a video to a lead that asks a question that potential buyers are most likely to want an answer to. The opening line of the video needs to be the question. It is a sure way to get the attention of prospects. This approach will immediately draw in those who are prospects and eliminate those who do not need or want your product. At the same time, make sure that your video enhances your credibility and convinces the lead that you are trustworthy and easy to do business with. This will help to build a relationship with the prospect. So, send leads a video that poses a question and provides an answer!

Questing videos for sales prospecting

7. Personalized video

A great sales prospecting video is a personalized video. If the recipient does not respond to a personalized video then you know that it is a dead end. Include the recipient’s name, if possible. Share content videos that is relevant to the lead’s online searches. If you can successfully identify where leads are in the buying process you can provide them with content relevant to their needs. The video, therefore, needs to address issues that interest or concerns the lead, rather than merely showcasing general product information.

8. Follow-up video

The follow-up video is the one with the greatest potential to show you who are prospects. The lead who engages with the follow-up video hits the mark! The follow-up video needs to include additional information and shows that you are trustworthy. Or, it may be a short thank-you video with an extra tip or two. Those who engage with the follow-up video are your valued prospects and are potentially going to buy from you. Make sure that you tell prospects what they need to do next – establish that direct link to you, in order to seal deals! Sales prospecting, if executed efficiently, enables you to make best use of your time – it helps to eliminate the unqualified leads so that you can focus on potential buyers!