Using Videos for HR and Recruitment

Often when we talk about video usage for your business, we mainly address marketing areas and their benefits in promoting your product or polishing your company’s image. However, those are not the only areas where videos can be of beneficial use. Lately, HR (human resources) teams have started to explore the effectiveness of video for their purposes.  Videos increase your chance to set yourself apart from other employers, aid in attracting the right applicants, and they will spare you time in regards to interview and employee onboarding processes. Your simpleshow videos can engage your current employees and help you become a transparent company where people desire to work.

videos for HR human resources

Company Culture

A company is only as good as its employees, and people work more effectively and efficiently when the company culture is positive by allowing space for improvement, responsibility, and positive reinforcement. Hence, you are in great demand to create such culture. So what’s better than using explainer videos in different formats to engage your employees and give your company the necessary personal touch.

Promote Career Opportunities

What is a career page? This is the part of your website where you can host videos to welcome job seekers. You not only allow them to see part of your company’s culture and your employees, you also provide the applicant with a genuine feel for the company who can then decide whether your company would be a fit in regards to their work preferences. An applicant who does not align with your culture will be a waste of time for both sides.  Companies like Health Stream have reported positive results from the method, hiring 122 employees through the process in 2015.


Posting open positions on your website or sharing it on multimedia platforms may quickly result in an overflow of application. Reviewing applications, checking their background knowledge, their experiences, and determining whether they would be a fit for your company is time consuming. Can you decide on the right fit by looking at their resume? Incorporating video applications with precise job descriptions will save your team unnecessary stress and enhance the chances of finding the right fit.

Employee Onboarding

videos for HR human resources

After successfully recruiting people the hard part sets in: Getting them ready and trained. This can be a tiring process for both sides and may fall into the HR department’s hands. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Videos allow for a variety of opportunities to make onboarding more efficient while simultaneously extending new hires’ attention span. You or your employees can create informational and educational videos with all the necessary details. Then, you create a platform that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. New hires receive the login details and are ready to watch the information in a short and compromised form while providing all the necessary information. Not only does this facilitate new employees’ entering the company, it also simplifies the transition.

Cut Recruitment Costs

Recruitment processes not only require a lot of time – they may also cost you a lot of money. Video interviews reduce such costs by saving traveling money and valuable time from your HR team.

The benefits of incorporating videos for your HR team in terms of recruitment and employee engagement are limitless and quantifiable. Many companies are moving towards video strategies, and mysimpleshow can be your partner in crime. Simple instructions along with endless opportunities for incorporation will aid you in creating suitable videos, boosting your career page, providing insights, and matching your company with the right employees. Your team’s efficiency will increase as the value of your employees increases at the same time.