Using Videos for a Distributed Workforce

It’s becoming more commonplace for employees to no longer be confined to their desks from nine to five. Information and communication technology has made the distributed workforce possible: employees work from different locations, in various time zones, and sometimes in multiple languages.

Increasingly, employees see the option to work from home as part of a remote workforce (or from any other location than an office), at their own pace and sometimes on their own time as a great perk! But how is managing a distributed workforce possible? 

Using Videos for a Distributed Workforce

There are many ways to manage a distributed workforce – using communication programs like video chatting, conference calls, and emails, and having annual meetings together in one place. Using explainer videos for training, team building, and regular communication is probably the media of choice that will truly connect you workforce, as it increases employee engagement through facilitating access and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing. Video will ensure that everyone in the company is on the same page. Consider the following ways by which the use of video will greatly benefit your distributed Workforce:


1) Communication from headquarters to localities

Video helps to improve internal communication in companies with distributed workforces. Utilize video to inform, engage and retain high performers. Regular communication from senior management will create a positive, energetic work culture. When the employee sees the employer’s passion and enthusiasm, a positive culture is created. In addition, a personal connection is established that increases confidence, trust, and loyalty. Consequently, video helps engage employees. Those in your corporation that are experts in their field can also produce videos to inform and even train others in your company, thus boosting further communication and collaboration in the distributed workforce.

2) Company policy, vision, and goals

Use video to show employees where the company is going, to share policies and goals, or to communicate changes in company guidelines. Video can also be used to pinpoint the remote workers’ role in the company, when it is used to clarify job description. In addition, use video to show individuals how their own contributions help to achieve broader goals within the company. By doing so, workers become more engaged.

Also, video can be used to recognize employee contributions and to communicate achievements to the entire organization. In turn, more loyalty is generated as your distributed workforce senses that they are truly valued.

3) Initial Training

As remote teams become more common, the challenge is to provide effective training to all staff based around the world. Corporate training videos are essential for training employees in a distributed workforce. Video on its own is an effective medium, but can be enhanced even further by providing texts that support the video content to help the employees understand the content better. It is important that the content and quality of the video are both of a high standard in order to engage employees optimally. mysimpleshow provides the perfect solution to creating high-quality training videos.

4) Training Library

Apart from the initial training of your distributed workforce, it is important to provide employees with access to a range of learning materials. Arm them with reference materials that can easily be accessed to answer their questions quickly and efficiently. Also, make sure that your workforce has access to previously delivered content, in case they need to review information. Employees simply want content that directly teaches them the skills they need. mysimpleshow helps to create videos that are simple and to the point, yet highly informative. With mysimpleshow, it is easy to create an entire video training library. Moreover, mysimpleshow makes distributing and accessing these videos simple and quick.


A Productive Distributed Workforce

It is clear that video presents the ideal way to communicate with a distributed workforce, ensures access to a wide variety of quality learning resources, shares information, maximizes performance, and increases productivity regardless of time or location. mysimpleshow provides video communication solutions to keep everyone in your workforce on the same page. It allows you to start simple and to grow in engaging your workforce with a high-quality video experience. And so, your distributed workforce will reach new heights.