mysimpleshow’s Top Tips for Using Humor in Explainer Videos – Part 3

Humor in explainer videos is highly important to improve the quality and effectiveness of your video. If used effectively, humor in explainer videos allows you to fully engage viewers and share relevant information with them. Over the past few months, we have explored ways in which humor can be used to enhance explainer videos. Before we complete this series, we would like to share a few final thoughts on the use of humor in explainer videos with you. These valuable tips have been carefully selected to benefit mysimpleshow users. 



Plan carefully 

In order to engage viewers, carefully plan your explanation and consider where and how you will incorporate humor in explainer videos. There may be points in the explanation where you need to really grab your viewers’ attention and other places where you just need to nudge them to keep their focus on what you are explaining. These are ideal places to add humor. 


Exploit comparison 

comparison in humor

Make use of comparison to add humor to your explainer video. For example, compare your business to competitors, making it as humorous as possible by overstressing noticeable features.


Use funny answers 

Give funny answers to the questions involved in your explainer video, before revealing and explaining the real answers.


humor discriminate

Start with humor 

A simple way to make a funny video is to start the script with a humorous line or a funny anecdote. Explainer videos work best if they are kept short, so quickly move on to the main message. At the end of your video, make a link to the funny anecdote used at the start of the video, to round off the explanation in a neat way.


Learn from others…

Do not overlook the opportunity to learn from others! Watch humorous explainer videos and see how you can mimic some of the excellent examples that you come across. Great ideas can be adapted and incorporated in your own explainer video scripts. 


Choose carefully 

Incorporate humor in explainer videos with the target audience in mind. Everyone has a unique sense of humor, because it is based on our experiences in life. So, make sure that you know what sort of humor will appeal to your target audience. Ensure that you choose the type of humor that will best serve the explanation, as well as your audience. 


timing for humorApply comic timing 

When using humor, timing is paramount: the video needs to surprise the viewers with unexpected elements of humor, revealed at just the right time to have the desired effect. Experiment by placing the humor in different places in your script and test where it will have the best result.


Avoid sarcasm

Do not mistake sarcasm for humor. Your explainer video must be funny – not sarcastic. Humor, not sarcasm, adds value. Sarcasm will, in all likelihood, be taken in a negative light and not have the desired effect of putting a smile on a viewer’s face.


best humorTest your script / video 

Your humor will only work if your audience also finds it funny. The humor needs to appeal to your target audience. So, get proof-readers and even proof-viewers to check if your explainer video has the desired effect, retains the viewer’s attention and engages the viewer with humor.


Enjoy the ride

Enjoy the experience – have fun with it! From writing the script to completing the video the whole journey of creating a humorous explainer video needs to be an entertaining ride for you too. Consider the advice and tips provided by mysimpleshow so that you can start the journey with optimal confidence!


humor smileyHumor is an important tool in the making of explainer videos. A funny explainer video provides information as well as entertainment, which can transform an average explainer video into a compelling memorable viewing experience. By using humor your explainer video topic can indeed be engaging from the very beginning! However, be mindful not to over-use it, by incorporating humor with the necessary forethought. So, when making your next masterpiece carefully consider how humor can be used to enhance your explainer video. (Have you read Part 1 and Part 3 of this series?)