Step by Step Guide: Using the Communicate Your Corporate Guidelines Template

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Are you are thinking about making a video to explain your corporate guidelines but you are just missing some structure? Lucky for you, we have the guide right here! mysimpleshow has all the guidance prepared for you, so making the video is as easy as pie.

Before we get started, let’s review some things to keep in mind. Keystrokes are limited, and so is your audience’s attention span – so keep it simple and short. Here’s some general tips on how to write a great script for corporate storytelling.

Let’s assume you are a bookstore called Magical Books and you want to provide your audience with a short and comprehensible look into the guidelines.

Communicate Your Corporate Guidelines

Step 1: Title

Start with a title to let your audience know what you will be talking about:

“Corporate Guidelines for ‘Magical Books'”

Step 2: Background

Next, provide some insights and background into the company and the guidelines as well as what you stand for. For Magical Books it could sound like this:

“Magical Books Corporation cares deeply for its customers and aims at providing more than just the purchase of books. We provide a sensory experience, a magical adventure to different places, a time to enjoy and value the heart of what books are all about. Our guidelines should hence match our values.”

Step 3: Main Guidelines and Core Beliefs

Step by Step Guide to Using the Communicate Your Company Guidelines Storyline Template

Now you are starting to introduce some of the main guidelines. Remember to keep it simple and only pick a few (about five) that you consider most important and that provide good and valid insights. You could start with your core beliefs:

“Being more than a store means that we provide customized advice. We provide an environment that allows for rummaging & finding the perfect book or add on for yourself or a friend.”

Step 4: Additional Guideline – Logos

You are now moving towards more concrete grounds, so you can introduce your logo or another guideline here:

“Our logo is copyright and follows strict guidelines. The ink and font have a unique touch to them, and so does the color optimization. The background is a simple book with the letters M & B on either page. They can appear in black, blue and green on a white background. Three stars in different sizes are set at the right corner of the book.”

Step 5: Additional Guideline – Corporate Environment

Follow the same approach and introduce another guideline like the corporate environment:

“Most successful workplaces strive on employees’ engagement, ours does! Our employees are valued and are part of our company. We are a team and only if we all pull in the same direction we can be successful.”

Another thing you might like to share in your video might be your advertisement and your approach towards it:

“Our advertisement is structured and aims to invite and provide recall. As clients you should feel a touch of the magic that is offered when you enter a store.”

Step 6: Additional Guideline – Store Environment

Step by Step Guide to Using the Communicate Your Company Guidelines Storyline Template

You may or may not have another guideline you want to share. If not, you can always skip one chapter in the template. For the sake of the example we will conclude with the store environment:

“We strongly believe in the ultimate experience of purchasing a book. Cozy chairs. Chatting, touching, feeling the book, being inspired by the cover and ready to enter a new dimension. However we are in the 21st century, so we also have a fitting website and books can be purchased online.”

Step 7: Summary

One time is good, twice is better. So, towards the end you want to briefly review your guidelines by summing them up:

“So, Magical Books stands for the sensory experience, the logo resembles the company through the inside a book with three stars. Employees are valued and engaged, and we strive on magical advertisement that matches our core beliefs. We have a number of stores where you can join the adventure or you take the virtual journey via our website.”

Step 8: Call to Action

A call to action is a great way to end the video. It should be short and simple, and could regard a product, engage the audience, share contact information, or anything that you would like to share. Through the call to action, the audience should know what to do next:

“For the magical experience come join us at ‘Magical Books’ or come on a virtual journey with us!”

You want to see the real deal? Check out the video above that we just created with the step by step guide!