How to optimize your email communication using video

Fight the information flood with a personalized video in your email communicationIn 2020, office workers emailed more than they ever have before. The average office worker receives 120 emails every day. That means that 43,680 emails are sent to office workers throughout the year! As the email volume increases, so does the workers’ stress and time spent reading emails. Gone are the days of spending countless hours reading long emails. To thrive in today’s remote setting, companies need to shift the way they do business to achieve maximum success. Here are some ways you can use explainer videos to improve your email communication!


Using video to communicate changes to your internal processes

New year comes with new changes and what better way to communicate what’s changing than with a short video. Email communication takes up space in your inbox, and time out of your schedule to read these emails. Keeping your information high level to communicate new workflows will take your company to the next level and ensure there is company-wide knowledge. Using a video as an educational resource for your team’s changes will simplify your message and allow them to rewatch the new changes in case they need to refer back to it. 


Effortlessly communicate your company updates/quarterly reviews

You can safe money and time if you use videos in your email communication.There’s no better way to communicate your company updates than with an explainer video. A short 2-minute video communicates your ideas quickly and saves time for your employees. The more direct the updates are, the more likely your audience is to remember them. Quarterly reviews are long and tedious to read through. Summarizing the review into a video will help save time for your employees and keep them engaged throughout the content being communicated. If we could help save only 30 minutes of your daily work email time, you could save a total of $240 of productive work time, every month! 


Introduce your new product/service

Email communication is time-consuming, taking up 28 percent of the workweek, and can be even less appealing. With an increased focus on remote communication, now it is more important to plan how to introduce a new product or service virtually. Video paves the way for more business engagement and animates your new product/service. In order to stand out in today’s unique work environment, replacing emailing with video creates a nice way to entice your team to see what’s new in your internal communications hub. That way, your new products, and services are presented in a new and exciting way and ensures the success of your team’s memory recall. 


Simplify meeting invites

Agendas and meeting preparation cost a lot of time, cut that time with a explainer video!Employees spend an unnecessary amount of time looking through meeting agendas, reading material to prepare for meetings, and reading expectations. You can cut this time in half by using an explainer video to explain the agenda, expectations of the meeting, and other information needed before a work meeting. Like any meeting, you’ll want to inform your employees of the agenda and expectations, which can take some time writing out in an email and is easily lost and forgotten. An easy-to-follow video agenda helps your team follow along and stay readily on track for their meetings. Forget emailing, you can watch and save time so your employees are best prepared to go into their meetings. 


Save time in your meeting recaps

Tired of reading long meeting recaps? You don’t have to anymore. Instead of reading a lengthy email about an important meeting you missed, you can watch a recap video that you could watch over and over again. This means that meeting and training videos are hosted and accessible by all employees for repeat usage, multiple viewings, and continual reference. This can be incredibly beneficial in a remote working environment!