How to revise your marketing strategy to combat coronavirus

How to Revise Your Marketing Strategy to Combat Coronavirus Impact

How to revise your marketing strategy to combat coronavirusIf someone told you 6 months ago that the world will be fighting against a fast-spreading virus, you would probably think that it is just a trailer for an apocalyptic movie. Unfortunately, this situation has become our reality. Despite the devastating impact on businesses and the economy around the world, you should do your best to save your business. Don’t allow yourself to get intimidated by the pandemic. Give your maximum effort to protect your business. One of the aspects of your business that needs quick revision is your marketing strategy. A few wrong steps can mark your business as inconsiderate. Lack of sensitivity and caution can lead to a loss of customers. That’s why you need to reconsider your plans for your marketing efforts. Here are a few crucial steps you need to take in marketing strategy revision to adapt it to the coronavirus impact.


Keep up with Credible Sources of Information

Use credible sources of information when revising your marketing strategySpreading false information or presenting your company as careless can cause a lot of controversies and even penalties. With massive information flow from different sources, you can easily get confused and follow some inaccurate claims. Be an example for your customers and your employees. Follow up on all the information related to COVID-19 and how to stay safe.

The most important part is that you rely solely on legit sources of information. Follow the publications of the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as their YouTube channel. On YouTube, they post press briefings, newest updates, and explainer videos on how to protect yourself. 


Update Customers on Your Business Policy

Due to coronavirus, countries are introducing new laws that change how companies are operating their business. If anything has changed in your business activities, inform the customers immediately. 

Update your policyFor example, an e-commerce business can expect inquiries about shipping and return policies. Don’t let your customers worry and provide them with that information before they even get a chance to ask you. The research shows that 70% of retailers claim that it was crucial or very important to improve “bidirectional communication” with consumers concerning their delivery expectations, package tracking, and resolution of delivery options.

Asos, one of the leading companies in the e-commerce industry added the update on their “Delivery & Returns page” that they prolonged the returns time to 90 days. The notice is the first thing you see when you enter the page. Besides, they have created a page for coronavirus updates where they answered common questions like “My order passed through an affected area. What precautions have been put in place?”


Revise Your Pre-Planned Content

You might have had some amazing ideas for your upcoming marketing campaigns but you’ll have to take a second look at them. The sensitivity is at the highest level currently as many people fall ill and the number of deaths of coronavirus is increasing. Inappropriate content could hurt your credibility and change the customer’s perception of your brand.

Any pre-planned and scheduled content should be revised. Check if there is anything that consumers could find offensive at these times. Don’t make the same mistakes as AirBnB made when they sent promotional emails for water-themed homes at the time when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Let’s just say that people didn’t find their “floating world” and “stay above the water” phrases very suitable. 

The themes, topics, visuals, and wording all play a huge role right now. If you need to change some aspects of the campaign do it timely. Check out websites ratings for writing services to find someone adequate for editing your campaign content. You’ll need true professionals like Grabmyessay, for example. For visuals editing, you can use online tools like Canva and simpleshow video maker.


Get Active on Social Media

Social media is a more casual channel for communication where you can build a relationship with your customers. Use social media networks to provide users with support as well as some entertaining content that will give them positive energy. 

With self-isolation at its peak, people are spending more time on social media. Consequently, they are paying more attention to the posts on their news feed including your brand’s posts. Even if you weren’t the most active brand on social media, it is time that you change that. This is your chance to get people more acquainted with your company and your products. Create and post content (images and videos) on various topics such as:

  • The latest news
  • Updates in your industry
  • Infographics
  • How-to videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Funny and relatable gifs
  • Announcing your future product updates (build anticipation)


Get active on social media

Rethink Your SEO

Now more than ever the focus is on online presence. Ensure that your SEO game is strong and updated. First of all, you need to create and provide users with fresh content. If you have a blog on your brand’s website, you should consider publishing new posts more often. Provide users with relevant and engaging content that will inform and entertain them during these tough times.

The next aspect of SEO you need to dedicate to is to optimize content with new, appropriate, and attractive CTAs, internal links, and keywords. People’s interests have changed and so did the popular keywords. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends to get insight into keyword analytics.

These key steps will lead you to the adapted and improved marketing strategy that will help you combat the coronavirus impact. This is the time to show your strength and creativeness by providing customers with the right content. 


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Daniela McVicker is a creative writer and content editor for education websites including TopWritersReview. Besides, Daniela has been applying her knowledge of psychology and marketing in order to contribute some valuable insights to website owners who want to find and apply best practices and innovative approaches to improve the user experience.