5 Tips To Creating Great Employer Branding Videos

5 Tips To Creating Great Employer Branding Videos

Do you know what the most essential resource of any company is? Its employees! Their work performance, motivation, and skills are crucial for any company’s success. How well the employees and the organization match depends heavily on recruiting and employer branding. There are a number of ways to make recruiting processes more efficient and more effective. Here’s where employer branding videos come into play. 

Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of an effective employer branding video and how it can be used to enhance the recruiting process. 


What is employer branding?

The term “employer branding” refers to a company’s efforts to present itself as an attractive employer, both internally and externally. Employer branding measures are aimed at attracting employees and, ideally, at retaining them for the long term. In addition to communicating a clear vision and mission statement, these measures also include employer branding videos. 


Why is employer branding so important for recruiting?

In life, there are always decisions to be made – whether it’s a purchase decision, signing of a contract, or choosing a job. For you and your company, the main goal here is to stand out from your competitors and to be able to offer your (potential) employees something special. Employer branding videos offer a lot of potential in this regard and can benefit both you and your potential employees. 


Why are employer branding videos now more important than ever? 

Like all other employer branding measures, employer branding videos exist to clearly communicate the unique selling points of a company and to highlight it as a terrific employer. But even the most terrific activities are of no use if no one finds out about them. Studies show that people love video, so choosing this medium is a smart decision for your branding toolkit. Explainer videos are informative, easy to consume, and also highly entertaining. In other words, they’re perfect for communicating important messages and supporting the recruiting process. 


So, where to begin with your recruiting video?

So, where to begin with your employer brandingvideo?The goal of every employer branding video should be to attract potential employees and to inspire those who already work at the company. Most employees want security, and this can be provided by a reliable and secure appearance of your company. Uniform and consistent communication by means of employer branding videos helps to radiate strength – and to win over (potential) employees.

The top priority in terms of internal and external presentation of an employer brand is honesty. Only those who appear truly authentic can convince others of their worth. Employer branding videos can do just that. When creating this type of video, you should consider the following five aspects:


1. Articulate a strong vision

In order to use employer branding videos properly, the first thing you need to do is define your company’s identity. The key here is to determine exactly what sets you apart from other employers. Think about how you can foster a strong identification of your employees with the company. Ask yourself what makes your organization exceptional – and highlight exactly that in your employer branding videos.


2. Focus on relevant content

Millions of videos flash across people’s displays every day, so it is important to create value for your target group. Address the interests, questions, and needs of your potential employees in your videos. Communicate clearly what your company stands for and what the benefits are of being an employee.


3. Be authentic and genuine

Admittedly, many things could be depicted in videos that do not necessarily match reality. No one has anything to gain from empty promises – neither you nor your potential employees. Rely on credible storytelling and communicate your message in a genuine way. There’s no place for fake and exaggerated narratives in employer branding videos.


4. Follow a clear line

In order to successfully use employer branding videos for your recruiting, it is important that your communication efforts are consistent. Both your internal principles and your external appearance must be aligned. After all, your own style, as well as a consistent image of your company, are extremely important in order to appear as a strong and reliable employer. 


5. Be inspiring 

Let’s go back to the beginning of this article: a company is only as strong as its employees. That’s why you should definitely involve the latter in the development of your employer branding videos. This is how you show appreciation to your staff members – by motivating them to work together on something important. This creates mutual trust, which makes your employer brand even stronger. For new employees, there’s nothing better than joining a team that is passionate about its mission as a company.