Learning: a lifelong process or life sentence?

Shifting demographics are already causing a tangible personnel shortage in industry and commerce today. At the same time, each individual employee’s qualifications are becoming increasingly important. And the development of comprehensive further training programmes has become a critical factor for many companies. However, to successfully establish programmes to convey expertise and transfer knowledge within a company, one aspect in particular must be clear to the employees: lifelong learning is important – and can be fun too.

Consistent development with well-conceived further training expertise

In some markets, a competitive edge can only be achieved through a knowledge advantage over rivals. The company expertise in the heads of its employees is the most valuable asset. To be perceived as an innovator and market leader, expertise must not only be retained but also consistently developed. You could also consider an eLearning program without a fixed time or location, such as a webinar or tutorial. However, one-dimensional seminars that cover new topics hour by hour are rarely successful. At the end of the day, most employees can remember around ten per cent of the new learning material. These are some of the areas where an explainer video can have the greatest impact.

A training video gets to the very core of the issue requiring explanation in a matter of minutes. Trivial information is excluded, important information is described and visualised. The relevant message not only remains in the employees’ minds, further training also even begins to be fun.

Studies prove: a simpleshow training video helps in the transfer of knowledge

Not convinced? Then consider this: a scientific study conducted at the University of Freiburg noted a “significant increase in the learning progress after the use of a simpleshow during the lesson”. An expert report from the University of Tübingen corroborates: “simpleshow is a highly effective tool for presenting complex subject matter comprehensibly and cogently. Its strong performance rests on its clear structure, coherent presentation and positive motivation.”

Why not try simpleshow’s modern video training solution? Not only can employees watch the training videos wherever or whenever it’s most convenient, they can also be fine-tuned with the content most relevant to your employees. Beyond internal training, you can also use a tutorial for an external audience. Would you like to supply your sales staff with a concise product presentation that they can take along to a meeting? Then simply send the explainer video – and your sales staff will be a few arguments and product details wiser in a matter of minutes…

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