Compliance Case Study

Johnson & Johnson's Health Care Compliance team simplifies compliance topics with explainer videos

Like many large organizations, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) faces the challenge of conveying complex compliance information globally to over 80,000 employees. The addition of simpleshow explainer videos gave the Compliance team another way to reinforce the information from policies by creating short and engaging videos that simplified even the most complicated topics.

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80,000+ employees
“The ongoing enhancements from simpleshow make my job easier and my messaging more impactful.”
Carrie Bond
Senior Manager, Health Care Compliance: Global Policies & Procedures

Challenge: Presenting complex compliance information simply

Before working with the simpleshow video maker platform, the J&J Health Care Compliance team conveyed policy information primarily through traditional e-learning programs, giving employees access to the full policy. But when employees needed to refer back to find key points, re-reading the entire policy could leave them feeling disengaged or overwhelmed.

The J&J Health Care Compliance Care team needed to find a way to make key policy points available in an easy-to-locate and easy-to-understand format. To do this, they needed to find a way to break the policies down into a format highlighting the key points that employees needed to know, using day-to-day language, and still pointing to the full policy when needed.

Solution: Breaking down policies into short explainer videos

J&J Health Care Compliance first started using simpleshow explainer videos to support new program launches. After positive feedback in that area, the Compliance Training & Communications team decided to add short explainer videos directly into their communication strategy in the form of “Quick Chat” videos. These videos focused on the key points of compliance policies and provided employees with key information to perform their job duties.

Because the simpleshow video maker platform is so user-friendly, J&J Health Care Compliance was able to produce videos in-house quickly and easily, allowing them to tailor content specifically to compliance topics and use company branding.

The platform also allowed the Compliance team the flexibility to create videos with subtitles, in multiple languages, and using the J&J brand colors, all contributing to a solution that catered to their global workforce.
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Impact: A transformative shift in compliance communication

Including simpleshow videos as part of the J&J compliance communication strategy had a transformative impact. The Quick Chat videos, conveying key policy components using a short video, resonated with employees and made even the most complex information easy to understand and digest. These short videos helped streamline the policy information and added another way to communicate policy core content toappeal to different adult learning styles.

With the addition of the new AI-powered translation feature in the simpleshow video maker platform, the J&J Health Care Compliance team plans to translate each video into their top ten languages right in the platform, alleviating the need for an outside vendor and tremendously minimizing the time spent on translation.

Overall, the simplicity of the simpleshow video maker platform allows Compliance Officers to share important information to global teams effectively, without the heavy lift that traditionally comes with video creation. Employees at all levels appreciate how the videos help make sharing compliance information much easier.
“The ability to include diverse characters, use AI for script generation, and translate with the click of a button, present a huge savings in terms of time and cost because it eliminates the extra step of using outside translation services. The end product is high quality and it meets our need to present complex information in an engaging manner.”
Carrie Bond
Senior Manager, Health Care Compliance: Global Policies & Procedures

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