Product specification simpleshow video maker ENTERPRISE by simpleshow

As of March 06, 2024
This document describes the features, content, and rights granted in the user license simpleshow video maker ENTERPRISE at the time of the agreement between the customer and simpleshow. simpleshow reserves the right to repeatedly extend the features, content, and rights granted in the user license, insofar as this does not lead to a disadvantage for the customer.



Video creation
Creation of an unlimited amount of video projects in any of theapprox. 20 available languages on the platform during the term of the subscription. The length of each video is thereby determined by the maximum permitted text length of the storyline template used.
Team collaboration
The Enterprise account allows for collaboration of the team members in the account. Users can transfer, share, comment on projects and therefore create videos in collaboration. Team size can be customized individually; additional users can be added at any time.
Third party commenting access
Commenters can be invited for each video project. These can either be existing team members or other simpleshow users as well as non-registered users. Commenters see a preview interface of the video project and can comment on the video canvas or on keywords. Comments are visible and editable in real-time for the video creator and all commenters. The creator can remove commenters from the project at any time.
Administration features for the account owner
The Enterprise account provides for 2 distinct roles: one account owner and a defined number of team members. The account owner can administer team members and content and has the following rights and administration features that extend the rights of other team members:
  • Invite and remove team members
  • Access to all image uploads; sharing rights of any or all image uploads with individual or all team members; image can then be accessed by the respective users through the uploads gallery feature in all of their projects
  • Sharing of watermark with team members
  • Sharing of customized closing frame with team members
  • Viewing and access rights for all projects created in the account
  • Option to deactivate features that use generative AI for the entire team (story generator, simplifier, voice imitation)
Storyline templates
Option to use any available storyline templates when selecting the Write your own Script option.
Story Generator
Option to use the “write with AI” option that brings the user to the story phase, in which a simpleshow explainer video script is generated based on input provided by the user.
Option to create a video script based on existing content by the use of the “upload and simplify” option at the beginning of a project that allows uploading various document types as well as pasting text into the input field. The content is analyzed by AI, a summary is generated, based on which an explainer video story is generated.
Selection of illustration style
Selection of illustration style after completing the write stage in the video project; select classic or clean style for the automated visualization.
Automated visualization
Automated visualization of the voiceover text based on the functionality of the “explainer engine” with access to any available illustrations and animations in simpleshow video maker.
Automated image animations
Context-specific automatic animation of the suggested images to the extent that these images are available as animated image files in the simpleshow image database.
Animation format, scene transitions
Choice of ‘motion’ or ‘hand’ animation format that determines the automated appearance animations for individual images as well as scene transitions. The ‘motion’ format provides context and layout-specific motion animations. The ‘hand’ format uses a human hand image as appearance animation and scene transition element. The hand animation provides a library of 5 different skin color tones and a diversity option with various hand skin colors in a random sequence.
Automated video finishing
Automated video finishing incl. automated audio effects, automated use of layout templates and scene animations, automated sound settings consisting of background music and automated voice.
Scribble gallery
Access to additional image search results based on the identified keywords in addition to the default number of proposed image options. Additionally, access to a keyword-based search function covering the entire simpleshow video maker image database in the selected illustration style. Option to select animated as well as static images.
Upload gallery
Upload of own images option. Uploaded images are thereafter available in the upload gallery, which is accessible in any video project.
Scribble effects, highlights, frames
Automated suggestion as well as optional selection of scribble effects, highlights, and frames to enhance the visual message.
Scribble color
In clean style: selection of up to 4 colors in descending weight that will be used to automatically create images and animated images for your videos in your CI look. In classic style: selection of a freely selectable contour color of all simpleshow illustrations used in the video project.
Version control
Access previous saved versions of each video project based on past user sessions with a restore option.
Selection of automatic speaker voices
Choice of ten English automated speaker voices and at least 2 voices in all other languages, which automatically voice the speaker text entered by the user.
Speed control
Option to increase or decrease video speed by about 7 % when using an automatic speaker voice.
Human voiceover
Availability of the function record or upload a human voiceover voice as an alternative to the automated voice options.
Timing engine
Timing automation feature that matches recorded or uploaded voiceover audio files with the timing of the visuals and animations in the video.
Selection of background music
Choice of five music tracks for background music.
Upload own background music
Possibility of uploading your own audio files for use as background music.
Sound control
Option to balance volume of voice, background music, and sound effects.
Option to balance volume of voice, background music, and sound effects.
Possibility of using the subtitle function, where the narrative text is displayed as subtitles in the video, as well as possibility of editing subtitles.
simpleshow video maker watermark removal and upload your own watermark if desired. Uploaded watermark can then be made used for all video projects.
Background image customization
Selection of a background color, a background image from the simpleshow background gallery or upload of an image displayed in all scenes of the video as a background.
Closing frames
Selection of closing frames, omit closing frame, create own closing frame, share your own closing frame with team members.
Interactive elements & analytics on the video page
Ability to create an automatically or manually generated video description as well as an automatically or manually generated quiz question with multiple answer options, which, when used, are displayed on the video project’s video page for site visitors. Creator’s access on the video page to video analytics as well as quiz analytics in case a quiz question has been created and published.
Download finished video projects in HD resolution and SD resolution as an mp4 file or download video in SCORM format for various LMS systems.
Video translation
Option to automatically create language versions of finished videos using the translate function on the base project. Therein, option to use the voice imitation feature for the translation projects, if the recording function was used for the voice-over of the base project.
Privacy settings
All video projects as well as the finished videos are only visible to the logged in user as a default setting and can be made accessible to third parties by selection.
Share videos
Possibility of exporting the finished video file to the following platforms: simpleshow video maker YouTube channel, own YouTube channel, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Vimeo. Logging in with an existing user account on the relevant platform is required to upload the video file. Existing user accounts can also be stored in the account settings to allow uploading the video file with a few clicks.
Video quality score calculation
Automated calculation of a quality rating of the finalized video as well as provision of recommendations to improve video quality. Rating is based on text quality, visual composition, and use of available individualization features.
Comprehensive commercial rights
Besides company usage for both internal and external communication, the sale of video projects created with simpleshow video maker is also allowed.
Access to professional services
Availability of optional and individually calculated services of the simpleshow professional video services team for videos created in the account such as: creating a professional voiceover including project management and uploading to the simpleshow video project, workshops and webinars for the introduction of the tool, creation of individual illustrations or creating the video project in the user’s account.